The Best 7 Business Colleges/Universities To Study in Canada

The first nation in the world to offer an MBA diploma was United States, Canada is second in line and is still one of the most sought-after locations for students from abroad.

The Best 7 Business Colleges/Universities To Study in Canada

The nation is also sought after for MBA graduates. Canada has one of the most prestigious business schools in the world and it’s no wonder that more than 20 business institutions in Canada are listed on the list of QS World University Ranking.

The business programs or MBA at one of the listed schools can lead to highly sought-after in Canada. It is possible to begin the process now and you may start studying in Canada in the middle of the year. There are numerous reasons to go to school in Canada and you could become an permanent resident upon graduation and get an improved job, and many more. Below are the best business colleges/universities in Canada.

Best Business Colleges/Universities in Canada

We are able to say with confidence that this list includes the best business schools, not just in Canada but all over the world. The top three schools in this list are in the top 100 globally.

1. Western University- Ivey Business School

The Best 7 Business Colleges/Universities To Study in Canada

It was established in 1922, and was the first institution which established its MBA along with the Ph.D. business programs. It is considered to be Canada’s top business school. The average amount a student of this institution earns is $109,390. This is higher than the median national salary. It is among the most difficult schools to enter with only a solitary enrollment rate of 8. However, approximately 30 percent of the students comprise of students from over 30 countries.

2. McGill University

McGill University is situated in the French province of Quebec. Most of their courses are taught in English therefore you don’t need to be fluent in French to be a student there. The business school at this school has plenty to boast about. McGill University features in the most prestigious top 100 ranking universities around the globe. The median salary for graduates of this school is currently around $104,581.

3. The University of Toronto- Rotman School of Management

It was founded in 1950 in 1950. The school of business is also listed in the world’s top 100 business schools. The majority of students are international students from around 26 nations. The median salary for Rotman graduates is $99,360. The acceptance rate is around 20 percent..

4. University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is situated in Ontario and doesn’t offer a business-specific program. They have specific business interdisciplinary programs, such as The Honors in Arts and Business Programs. This allows students to pursue dual majors, making them more competitive in the workforce. The university has a alliance with more than 6,900 companies that allow students to get experience while studying and following the completion of their studies.

5. York University- Schulich School of Business

Schulich business school is ranked first by Forbes. It’s a brand new business school that is educating the necessary skills to guide you through the world of business. The school admits just 252 new applicants each year.

6. Queen’s University- Smith School of Business

Queen’s University is situated in Kingston Ontario. It is among top international schools for students. There is a 42% acceptance rate, with international students comprise 12percent of the admissions. The school provides a variety of partnerships for students to improve their professional capabilities.

7. The University of British Columbia- Sauder School of Business

The campus is at British Columbia and offers undergraduate and graduate degrees to over 4000 students each year. It is among the top business institutions in Canada and offers a high-quality education that can help you navigate your career in business. The majority of the student body consists by international student.





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