Step By Step Instructions To Prepare For Your Canadian Citizenship Test And Interview

To be a Canadian citizen is more than simply obtaining a citizenship document following the exchange of an oath, or taking the swearing.

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Although the citizenship test isn’t the most important item on the list of requirements to pass this test, which will permits individuals to cast votes and get the Canadian visa, a change to the test has resulted in an increase in the coming-up short of certain communities of immigrants.

About the test

The test lets us know what you think of Canada. Citizenship tests in Canada can be a written test or an oral exam. Most of the time, it’s a 30-minute written test.

However should the situation arise that you’re unable to write or read efficiently or write effectively in French as well as English or you have other obstacles that prevent you from completing the written portion for the exam, you’ll be asked to appear for a 30-90 minute face-to-face citizenship interview with an Canadian citizen officer.

Interviews are more often than not face-to-face but it can also be conducted via a conference call. It is necessary to ask questions about the rights and obligations of Canadians as well as Canada’s

  • History
  • Geography
  • Economy
  • Government
  • law
  • Symbols
  • Culture
  • Democracy
  • The Monarchy
  • The political system in Canada
  • The branches of government


You must meet the requirements for citizenship Be able to meet the requirements for citizenship

What’s the Test Like?

It is a test:

In English or French

30-minutes is the time duration.

20 questions

Multi-choice, True or False questions

You will need to complete 15 questions correctly to pass the test.

The test is usually written, but it could be an oral. An authority for citizenship may decide the day of your test that you take an oral exam instead of writing one. We decide the type of test on a variety of factors. For instance should you have difficulty reading and making notes or writing in English or French then you’ll be taking an examination in the form of an oral. The test is conducted by a representative of the citizenship department at the conference.

Step By Step Instructions To Prepare For Your Canadian Citizenship Test And Interview

In most cases interviews will occur at the time of the initial test. It generally is usually between four and two months following the first test date. If it occurs later, you’ll be notified an email with the date, time and location.



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