Pending – Canceled Withdrawal on 86FB – 86W | 5 Issues & Solutions

Pending - Canceled Withdrawal on 86FB - 86W | 5 Issues & Solutions
Pending – Canceled Withdrawal on 86FB – 86W | 5 Issues & Solutions

Pending – Canceled Withdrawal on 86FB – 86W | 5 Issues & Solutions

Do you have issues with withdrawing from your 86fb – 86w account? Your withdrawal has been on pending for days and was eventually canceled? Below are the possible issues & solutions to solve your pending – canceled withdrawal on 86fb – 86w.

  1. Incorrect bank details
  2. Bank Service
  3. Massive Withdrawal Rate
  4. 86fb-86w maintenance/site upgrade
  5. Program Shut Down

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1. Incorrect Bank Details:

Incorrect bank details is one of the major reason for failed or canceled withdrawal on 86fb – 86w or any other online platform, because once the bank details is incorrect, the funds you are trying to withdraw will be on pending till it is eventually returned back to your 86fb – 86w account or wallet.

So make sure to cross check your bank details and all personal information before placing a withdrawal on your account.

2. Bank Service:

Another reason why your withdrawal might be placed on pending for days or even canceled, might just be because of your personal bank service, because every service has both their uptime and downtime and the downtime might just be the reason why you withdrawal is on pending and you are yet to get it in your personal bank account.

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The best way to solve this is to wait till your bank service is better and try again.

3. Massive Withdrawal Rate:

While everyone on the platform is trying to make withdrawal, Massive placement of withdrawal by users will lead to congestion and this might affect how fast users will get paid or payment for some users might get postponed or even canceled.

Placing your withdrawals on time will increase your chances of getting paid early.

4. 86fb-86w Site Maintenance/Upgrade

Every website, product or brand needs upgrade or maintenance and sometimes maintenance or upgrade might take a day or sometimes even weeks to be done but don’t worry everything will be back up.

Recently 86fb – 86w football was on maintenance, so every withdrawals was an pending and some ended up canceled. so placing a fresh withdrawal after funds have been returned to your wallet is the best solution.

5. Program Shut Down

Is 86fb – 86w about to shut down? that might be another reason for pending or canceled withdrawal, most online money making or investment program shut down after a said maintenance or site upgrade and recently 86fb – 86w had a maintenance / upgrade, does this mean 86fb – 86w is about to shut down or is just another scam program?

Don’t waste time trying to find out, try to withdraw your funds from your with wallet as soon as possible, so you don’t fall victim of 86fb – 86w scam if the program will eventually shut down.

Recently, it has been brought to our notice that 86fb – 86w has been delaying and canceling withdrawals for it’s users below is a comment from James Segun, one of our blog audience. with this 86fb – 86w football is resulting to a scam, stay away from 86fb – 86w football if you can, is another scam.

86fb is not doing well in Nigeria because they refused to pay all withdraw money going to two weeks now. But 86fb are paying the admin and the authorities withdraws in Nigeria which is not good enough. My withdraw as been pending since four days ago, while some are since last week, and both customers care and admin are not replying any message sent to them even ( tutor andrew). Pls we are so worry in Nigeria

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