Lucky Football 1 Review (Is Lucky Football 1 Legit Or Scam?)

Lucky Football 1 Review (Is Lucky Football 1 Legit Or Scam?)
Lucky Football 1 Review (Is Lucky Football 1 Legit Or Scam?)

Lucky Football 1 Review (Is Lucky Football 1 Legit Or Scam?)

If you are reading this, you are probably trying to do your personal research since you heard about the sport investment opportunity available on Lucky Football 1, Today we will be reviewing Lucky Football investment and letting you know all about lucky football “What is lucky football 1 system” “how it works” “Referral/affiliation program” Signing up” and lot more.

Looking at how a lot of online earning or sport investment platform is appearing on the internet every day, with each of those platform claiming that members will earn a return on their investment by executing a specific task on their website but at the end the members get little to nothing while running off with money during program crash, shut down or maintenance.

With lucky football earning is simple, does this make lucky football 1 legit? To earn even more money on this platform, you can develop a team by referring your friends to join the platform, which means you will be rewarded for referring your friends to join the platform.

Kindly have it in mind that the Prnaija team is not responsible for any losses you may experience while utilizing this platform; we have not collaborated with Lucky Football 1 for Review or been compensated for writing a review on lucky football 1; this review is only intended to be informative in nature.

What is Lucky Football 1 Review and how does it work?

Lucky Football 1 is a sport related investment platform, it is a football trading site, this trending online earning platform is similar to the well-known 86fb and under the same city football group.

Lucky Football 1 allows you to make money by betting against the team you support. For example, if you forecast that a game will end with a score of 2-2, you will win if the game ends with a result that is different from “2-2.”

To earn even more money on this platform, you can develop a team by referring your friends to join the platform, which means you will be rewarded for referring your friends to join the platform.

According to the company’s website, “Lucky Football is a market leader in Asia’s sports investment industry.” Unlike other companies on the market, we give our customers the ability to control their revenue rather than trading it away. It is our area of expertise to invest in soccer gambling, and we do so in conjunction with an internationally regulated exchange in the United Kingdom. After years of research and development, we are now able to offer a platform that allows users to invest in soccer, converting it from a game of chance into a financial management aim rather than a gambling game. We hope that everyone of our members will be able to make a respectable profit as a result of making smart decisions.”

What is the Lucky Football 1 system and how does it work?

As a rule of thumb, when you place a bet and select a specific choice, you will win only if that option is selected correctly, and you will lose if any other option is selected.

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Lucky Football 1 is a reverse betting strategy in which you win if any other choice than the one you selected occurs during the course of a football match.

From the moment you make your first deposit of N3,500, you can earn up to 3 percent per day on your remaining balance.

Additional money can be made on this site by inviting friends and building groups of individuals.

Take, for example, a correct score (2-2)

Against the opposition: Team A (at home) vs. Team B (away), with the right result being 2-2. Assume that the final result of the game was 2-2, which means that you were unsuccessful in your wager of $1,000. It is possible to earn (bet amount 1000*0.0357*0.95=33.91) if the final score of the game was different from this, which indicates that you won the game.
Lucky Football 1 is the game to play.
According to the website of the company…

Please be informed that the outcome of all football matches is determined by a random number generator known as Lucky Football 1 Review. Any findings that have been published on other websites will be ignored.

The outcome of Legal Time will determine whether or not the deal will proceed (the first and second halves must be fully 45 minutes each, including stoppage time, but not including overtime, penalty kick or the result changed by committee). When the permissible time limit is exceeded by fewer than 90 minutes due to severe weather, game reservation, game cancellation, or any other unforeseen scenario, the trade outcome will be deemed “invalid.” Some youth leagues will set the standard game time between 80 and 70 minutes, depending on the age group (including stoppage time). A cancellation of the game will result in the trade outcome being treated as being “invalid.”

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As long as the football leagues have established the locations of the matches, it doesn’t matter if the matches are marked as “home” or “away” in Lucky Football 1 Review. All trades are considered “legit,” with the exception of those made in the event that the game is cancelled due to poor weather or other unforeseen circumstances.
When an event is cancelled or reserved, the entire price of the trade will be refunded. The deal will be considered “legitimate” if it is cancelled or reserved after the first half has ended, and the outcome will be announced on the site if it is.

Unless the event time is adjusted prior to the start of trading, all trades will be deemed worthless. Lucky Football 1 Review will be the one who decides the outcome of the game.
The outcome of any trade or event shall be completely determined by the backup data kept by Lucky Football 1 Review in the case of a factor such as a hacker attack or other unexpected incident.

People who seek to arbitrage or otherwise destabilize the system in any way, including through the use of bots, will have their trades cancelled and their user accounts suspended by Lucky Football 1 Review. Users can cancel deals through the Trade List part of the site, which is accessible from any page on the site. The user has the option to cancel a transaction once every three minutes, up to a maximum of ten times per day. Lucky Football 1 Review will not be liable for any losses suffered as a result of a cancellation that was made in error.
When a stalemate develops, Lucky Football 1 backup data will be used to resolve the situation. Once a user enters this website, he or she is believed to have agreed to all of Lucky Football 1 Review terms and conditions, unless otherwise stated.

Referral/affiliation program for Lucky football 1

  • Accumulate development of five members and you will receive 10,000NGN.
  • Accumulate development of 20 members and you will receive 35,000NGN in reward.
  • Obtain 100,000NGN by accumulating the development of 50 members.
  • Accumulate development among 100 members and you will receive 400,000NGN.

Programme de rémunération

The following will be your monthly salary once all of your members who actively place bets have reached the threshold of 30.

  • A monthly payout of 20,000NGN is paid to active 30 members at level 123456.
  • A remuneration of 40,000NGN is paid to active 60 members of level 123456 on a monthly basis.
  • 240 members who are active and have reached level 123456 receive a monthly compensation of 170,000NGN.
  • A remuneration of 400,000NGN is paid to active 500 members at level 123456 on a monthly basis.
  • A remuneration of 1,200,000NGN is paid to active 1000 members at level 123456 on a monthly basis.
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First-time top-up bonus and rewards program for down-line Members

  • When members are invited to register, the minimum amount to be deposited is 3500 NGN.
  • 3500NGN for down-line recharge; 150NGN for up-line bonus; 300NGN for down-line bonus
  • Down-line recharge of 10,500NGN, up-line bonus of 500NGN, and down-line bonus of 1000NGN are all possible.
  • 30,000NGN for down-line recharge; 2000NGN for up-line bonus; 3500NGN for down-line bonuses

The following bonuses are available: down-line recharge of 50,000NGN, up-line bonus of 3000NGN, down-line bonus of 6000NGN.

In this case, down-line recharge 100,000NGN, up-line bonus 15000NGN, and down-line bonus 25000NGN are all included.

  • 500,000NGN in down-line recharges, 30,000NGN in up-line bonuses, and 50,000NGN in down-line bonuses
  • 1,000,000NGN in down-line recharge, 60,000NGN in up-line bonus, and 100,000NGN in down-line bonuses

Lucky Football 1 registration/sign up is free of charge

In order to register/sign-up, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit LuckyFootball1 for more information.
  2. Please fill out the required information, which includes a username, a password, an invitation code, and a mobile phone number.
  3. Click on SIGN UP from the drop-down menu.

Lucky Football 1 Review sign in information

To login into Lucky Football 1 platform, the following details are needed in order to gain access to this platform:

  • Username for logging in
  • Password to log in

Is Lucky football 1 investment legit?

Lucky football 1 has been existing for some month now, Although it has not been in operation for an extended period of time to be regarded legitimate and Lucky Football 1 investment is very similar to 86fb. This post will be updated on a regular basis, so be sure to subscribe to receive notifications of new posts.

Prnaija Opinion

In Prnaija opinion, Lucky Football 1 is similar,,, and, and their methods of operation is looking sketchy, If you are interested in investing with the platform, kindly proceed with caution to reduce possible loss at the end.


Thank you for reading through our Lucky Football 1 review. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to post them in the space below.

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