How Schools Can Focus On Student Wellbeing

How Schools Can Focus On Student Wellbeing

How Schools Can Focus On Student Wellbeing

While many schools around the world will have their own plans to address the issue of health, mental and well-being as well as the need to address chronic and more long-term problems to the wellbeing of students has been amplified by the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic as well as the restrictions that resulted from it. switching back and forth between virtual and on-site learning.

How could international school systems shine a spotlight on improving wellbeing while ensuring the highest quality of services for every student?

Having a Pastoral Support System for Each and Every Child

The ideal is for a school to assign each pupil to a instructor (Early years and primary) as well as a Form tutor (Secondary) who’s job is to oversee academic progress and offer advice on possibilities outside the classroom, and promote the emotional and social wellbeing of students.

Offering a Confidential Counselling Service

The school has a qualified school counsellor as an integral component of the school’s structure to provide daily guidance and support to any student who would like to discuss confidentially issues that are causing concern at school or in the outside world.

Collaboration with Mental Health Organizations to share practical guidance on the Best Methods to Support Students and Staff

The well-being of staff as well as students should be a central part of any school’s environment. Nord Anglia Education schools work together with mental health organizations including The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families and provide personnel with regularly updated and current workshops as well as opportunities to gain knowledge about improving and supporting the wellbeing of students.

Demonstrating a Commitment to Further Improve Practice

The Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS) was designed in collaboration together with National Children’s Bureau (NCB). Schools that participate in WAS will be in preparing themselves and equipping themselves ensure that they have a positive and healthy wellbeing at the core of their work.

Then, find an institution that has all the above essential aspects into their primary offerings. The school’s responsibility to your child’s education should extend beyond academic achievement to emotional and social growth which is why the creation of a safe and secure atmosphere is crucial.

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