Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

Canadian economy during the past year has shown an improvement in the economy and many sectors created a lot of jobs.

Finding the right job is always a struggle, regardless of whether you’re fresh out of school or seeking to make a change in your career.

This article will help you in identifying interesting opportunities in those fields that pay the highest wages and the greatest potential.

Below is an extensive list of 10 top careers that offer intriguing possibilities and pay.

1. Utility Manager

The managers in this category take responsibility for facilities, plants as well as distribution networks that provide energy to the population.

Salary Range

The salary for a utility manager is around $114.000 with a wide range of variations based on the type of utility you manage.

In order to be qualified as a utility manager, you’ll require a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in the field that you are overseeing.

The government is predicting a dramatic rise in managers in utilities and manufacturing. This means you have a chance, however, you’ll need to show the skills and experience you have gained to improve your chances.

2. Pharmacist

As a pharmacist Your responsibilities aren’t simply filling in doctor’s notes It also involves managing inventory, carefully updating medical records, and providing advice to customers on the best way to take their medications.

Salary Range:

Pharmacists in Canada get upwards of $104,000 a year with an increase of around 10% over the last years.

To be a qualified pharmacy technician in Canada you must have a degree in Pharmacology, and be licensed as a pharmacist by the province you reside in.

The government is forecasting that there will be a rise in job openings to pharmacists..

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