Goingsk.com Review (Is Goingsk.com Legit or Scam?)

Goingsk.com Review (Is Goingsk.com Legit or Scam?)
Goingsk.com Review (Is Goingsk.com Legit or Scam?)

Goingsk.com Review (Is Goingsk.com Legit or Scam?)

Today we will be reviewing goingsk.com, to let you know about everything concerning goingsk.com.

Have you ever wondered if you can earn cash online by simply grabbing orders online, With goingsk.com that is possible. goingsk.com is a site where members are offered a chance to earn money by simply grabbing orders, the interesting fact there is that you will earn 5% for every order you grab as a new member.

That is not all we will further guide you through everything you will need to know concerning goingsk.com and we would also be looking into subtopics such as “what is goingsk.com”, “how to get started with goingsk.com”, “how to earn on goingsk.com”, “goingsk.com SignUp”, “goingsk.com login” and much more.

Today we will be answering every question based on your curiosity regarding to goingsk.com in this Prnaija official goingsk.com review, so make sure you read this article till the very end.

Goingsk.com Review

DISCLAIMER: This is not a promotional article so we are not promoting goingsk.com review platform in any way, so do not hold us responsible for any losses you incur as a result of trying out this platform.

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What is Goingsk.com?

Goingsk.com is an online earning platform which provide users with means to earn real cash online through their site by simply grabbing orders, and also through their referral program.

Your VIP level will determine the amount of cash you earn from grabbing orders.

Goingsk.com Site Analysis

Goingsk.com is a moderate grabbing order platform and works like every online grabbing order platform.

Goingsk.com was registered under Name.com, Inc. as a registrar, their website domain Goingsk.com is 1 Month 29 Days old, the domain Goingsk.com was registered 2022-02-26 13:12:15 and will expire 2025-02-26 13:12:15 which is in 3years time, with this we can say they are here to stay for a while.

Goingsk.com has a good user interface and also a good site design as well.

How to Join – Register with Goingsk.com | Getting Started with Goingsk.com

To get started with goingsk.com, the first thing that should be on your checklist is creating an account, to create an account with Goingsk.com is Completely free and you can do that with in a minute, once done with creating an account, you are on your journey to start earning money with Goingsk.com and ones you have earned enough cash you can go ahead and withdraw your earnings.

How to Earn On Goingsk.com

During our research we have discovered two ways of earning on Goingsk.com, which are:

  1. Grabbing Order
  2. Referral Program

1. Grabbing Order

With Goingsk.com all you have to do is grab orders, grabbing orders is one major and dependent way of earning cash on goingsk.com, On creating an account, automatically you get added to their VIP 0 level, which you earn only 5% percent for each order and for you to earn more you will need to upgrade your VIP level.

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2. Referral Program

The alternative method of earning on this platform is called the referral program, with this you earn by Inviting people into this platform through your Referral link or invitation code.

How to Sign Up – Register on Goingsk.com

Signing up is your first step to earning with Goingsk.com, follow the steps below to sign up / register on Goingsk.com

  1. Visit Goingsk.com to SIGN UP / Register
  2. Enter your username, password, mobile phone number and verification code
  3. Click on the sign up / register button to finish registration.

Goingsk.com Login

  1. Visit Goingsk.com
  2. Enter your username and unique password
  3. Click on the login button once done.

How to Recharge your Goingsk.com Account

You are thinking of upgrading your VIP plan, you will need to recharge your account to upgrade to a higher VIP plan. To recharge your account you will need to do it manually by crediting your usdt-trc20 wallet address, because currently online recharging is not available at the moment.

Goingsk.com Withdrawal Method | How to Get Paid On Goingsk.com

Once you are satisfied with your earned amount / your wallet balance on goingsk.com, you can withdraw your earnings via your USDT account, Withdrawal process on Goingsk.com at most 2 days to be completely processed.

Who is the Owner of Goingsk.com

As of date, the founder of the platform Goingsk.com is still yet to be known, this might br another sketchy website for scam but we will keep you updated on any new information.

Is Goingsk.com Legit?

We cannot immediately label this platform as a legitimate platform at the moment although more research would be conducted, pending till more information is gather with time, make sure to not Invest any money into it as it is to risky to do that at the moment.

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Is Goingsk.com Scam?

There is no information of anyone reporting Goingsk.com as a scam online earning platform, so we can’t call goingsk.com a scam yet.


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