Dalhousie University Scholarships for International Students

Dalhousie University Scholarships for International Students

One of the most prestigious in Canada, Dalhousie University started its academic tradition in 1818. It is situated within Nova Scotia, an eastern Canadian province. It is home to three colleges situated in Halifax along with an agriculture college situated in Truro. The university also created the Faculty of Medicine extension at New Brunswick known as The Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick. Innovative learning in the classroom and interactive learning are among the academic programs at the university thanks to its constant emphasis on education and development.

It has more than 4,000 classes in more than 200 programs, giving students with the opportunity to achieve their personal needs. In addition, the school conducts innovative research in the areas of sustainability of the ocean and healthy populations technology and community development, environment, as well as food security. It also receives incredible research funding that exceeds $180 million per year. In this post, we’ll examine Dalhousie University scholarships for international students.

Dalhousie University International Students Info

The school enrolls nearly 4000 students from 100 countries. The global centers on the Halifax along with its Agricultural campuses provide a wide range of services and resources for students from abroad. The resources on campus include academic assistance, health and wellness and employment and careers.

Academic support provides assistance to international students through providing advice on their academics, improving their essays, and offering assistance with application for accommodation. Health and wellness services provide doctors’ appointments, mental health assistance as well as spiritual connections and LGBTQ2SIA assistance.

The center’s career and job resources will ensure that students receive guidance on their career and guidance. Students seeking part-time employment are also able to ask the center for assistance. Additionally, leadership and volunteer courses are offered for students from abroad to build their skills and build relationships with potential employers.

Dalhousie University Tuition Fee for International Students

Based on the University’s website regarding tuition fees International students will have to pay additional tuition fees for international students beginning in September 2019. The current fee is $6,500 for undergraduates annual tuition, $13,100 annually for non-thesis Masters and $7,000 annually for the thesis-based Masters. In addition, the tuition cost is not applicable in students enrolled in the Ph.D. program. Of course, you are able to cut down on the price of tuition by obtaining Dalhousie University scholarships for international students.

International Admissions Guide at Dalhousie University

International students who are considering undergraduate studies are able to be eligible to apply for three different programs, which allows students to be evaluated for second and third courses when they do not get into the first program they choose. This page outlines the process of applying for undergraduate studies. It lists the steps required to complete the application and the estimated duration for the admissions staff to examine the application.

In addition, applicants who are interested seeking graduate degrees can use this link to start admission procedures. The application deadlines are listed in accordance with the preferred month for admission. It also outlines the admission process as well as details regarding supporting documents submission and the process of finding the supervisor.

Dalhousie University Application Fees

The fee for application for students in the undergraduate program is $70 while the graduate fee is $115. study.

Admissions Requirements for Dalhousie University for International Students

International applicants to undergraduate programs must fulfill the general requirements for admission including secondary school or grade 12 completion with at least 70% average overall in five academic courses in Grade 12 as well as a minimum 70 percent in academic English and other required courses that are program-based. In addition, applicants from outside the United States must comply with the admission requirements based on the country they are from. For instance, applicants of Tasmania, Australia, should submit the Tasmania Certificate of Education and those from Czech Republic should submit their Maturity Certificate.

For graduate programs, the most common requirements for admission are the completion of a four-year bachelor’s degree and a minimum 3.0 GPA in the last 60 study credits as well as a degree from a reputable university. Candidates who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. should also have an outstanding Master’s thesis or equivalent. Additionally, applicants from outside the United States should meet the department’s specific GPA specifications. International applicants from countries that do not speak English must also meet English prerequisites for language proficiency.

Dalhousie University Rankings

The school received an overall five-star rating in the survey by QS Top Universities, taking the 291st position in the overall rankings for 2021. It also placed in the 251st-300th position in the Times Higher Education 2021 World Universities Rankings. It also ranked among the top ten of Canadian universities for graduation employability. The United Nations placed it within the top 100 institutions in attaining its Sustainable Development Goals.

Dalhousie University Estimated Acceptance Rate

Acceptance into Dalhousie University programs can be highly competitive, and even meeting the minimum requirements could make it difficult to get the chance to be admitted. With the 43% acceptance rate at Dalhousie University, international students need to meet or exceed the minimum requirements for admission and exhibit a lot of potential and excellence when they apply.

Dalhousie University Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. General Entrance Awards

Scholarship Link

Award Amount: $750 for the initial year, then $48,000, or $12,000 per year over four years

The General Entrance Awards accepts domestic as well as international applicants, and evaluates them on the basis of their applications. The Dalhousie University scholarship requires at minimum 80% of the five mandatory courses of the student’s program of choice. When submitting an application for General Entrance Awards application, international students can be considered for additional specific scholarships.

The scholarships are among them those awarded the Richard as well as the Melda Murray Jamaican Engineering Scholarship that is available to Jamaican students in the Engineering program. It is worth $22,000, renewable for four years. The other one is the CorpFinance International Limited (Kevin Andrews) Indian Scholarship for students from India who are applying to for the Commerce program, worth $15,000.

2. Women in Technology Scholarship

Scholarship Link

The amount of the scholarship is up to $10,000 per year for two years

The Faculty of Computer Science offers the Women in Technology Scholarship to women who are enrolled in the Bachelor degree programs Computer Science and Applied Computer Science. The Dalhousie University scholarship not only offer financial assistance as well as assistance and mentorship from women tech experts along with internship opportunities through the Faculty’s business partners.

In addition, the faculty grants scholarships to those who have contributed in promoting women’s computer science participation regardless of gender or gender. International and Canadian students can apply for this award.

If you’re interested in learning about another Dalhousie University scholarships, check these scholarships which could be available to international students in the undergraduate program.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship

Scholarship Link

Scholarship Amount: $10,000

The university provides it’s Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship to attract students who want to go on to graduate and to encourage top researchers to take part in the top research areas at the university. To be eligible for the Dalhousie University scholarship for international students, applicants must be able to show an excellent first-class grade, with at minimum 3.7 GPA, in thesis programs , and be registered in the government’s priority areas like Ocean and Science Technology, Financial Services Research, Aerospace and Defense as well as Life Sciences.

The scholarship committee chooses recipients according to their academic excellence as well as their research capabilities, interpersonal communication skills, and leadership capabilities. Candidates who are successful in Masters as well as Ph.D. programs will receive an annual salary of $10,000 for up to 3 years with a condition of satisfactory progress on renewal application.

2. Abdul Majid Bader Graduate

Scholarship Link

Scholarship Amount: $40,000

Abdul Majid Bader, an Iranian businessman who has the permanent Canadian citizenship, donated the majority of his Canadian wealth in Dalhousie University to fund a graduate scholarship program. Since he also was looking to give back to his home country, Iranian students applying for the scholarship will get the top priority ahead of other international students. The applicant must be in first-class or better of 3.7 GPA in their last two academic studies. The amount for the Dalhousie University scholarship of $40,000 is for a 12-month full-time academic year. It’s can be renewed for up to two years with a yearly progress review.

Students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies at Dalhousie University may apply for scholarships via Dalhousie University’s Harmonized Scholarship process, allowing students to submit a single application for all scholarships at Dalhousie University for International Students administered through the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

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