About us

 About Prnaija.com

Prnaija.com is an irresistible compendium on Political  and Lifestyle News in the world.
Prnaija.com was conceived to give political and lifestyle  news coverage refreshingly different in the reportage of the News sub sector of the world.
Prnaija.com has not failed to hit the news stands since it was introduced and this has made it a reliable and consistent brand in the  industry with addition coverage of business and economy.
Prnaija.comis packaged by a team of  media experts with combined 40 years of writing experience and this makes the journal outstanding in terms of in depth editorial coverage of the Technology sector.
Our vision is to be a reference of Excellence in News update Reporting.
To promote the growth and development of the world at large and the allied business through sound reportage that is based on facts and unbiased presentation and analyses of unfolding events for the benefit of the policy makers and stake holders.
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