86W – 86FB: 86W Is Doing This To Change Every Nigerian’s Life

86W – 86FB: 86W Is Doing This To Change Every Nigerian’s Life
86W – 86FB: 86W Is Doing This To Change Every Nigerian’s Life

86W – 86FB: 86W Is Doing This To Change Every Nigerian’s Life

86W – 86FB is a reverse football staking investment platform, the platform is available worldwide.

With 86W your investment is safe and their platform promises a daily reward of 3% of your total available deposit on a daily basis.

What’s the Difference Between an 86FB, an 86W, and an 86z?

While almost everyone, especially the newbies are confused by, these three abbreviations, 86Football, 86FB, 86W or even 86Z.

Here is a simple explanation, 86z is in the same IFC as 86w, while they remain on different teams and have different agencies. Each platform bonus and teachers are quite different, so is their tactics.

However, 86FB and 86W are the same thing, while everyone is familiar with the name 86Football their official website is 86w.com, that is where the 86W comes in.

What is the difference between 86FB and 86W?

There is no difference between 86Fb and 86W, they are the same, while the platform name 86Fb is well known and said 86W is their domain name (86w.com). Everyday each subscriber get three forecasts, between the time (11 a.m., 4:30 p.m., and 9 p.m.), and all you have to do to win!!! is to play those 3 forecast / prediction each day.

What happens if you lose?

No worries, No fears, On every bad forecast, the company’s “Capital Preservation Plan” kicks in, and on every failed predictions you get your initial staking capital returned to their 86FB dashboards!!

With this we can say 86FB is Legit, because you bear no loss of funds! Your money is secure!

86W – 86FB is one of a kind and is here to transform the ordinary Nigerian’s financial story!

So the smartest move is to sign up to avoid missing out on this great opportunity, sign up, fund your account, and get started on your financial adventure right away!!

What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal On 86w.com?

86W – 86FB Withdrawal minimum: N3500

You’ll make a daily profit of 3% on your investment, which means the more money you have on your dashboard, the more money you’ll make every day!

Is 86FB a Betting or Gambling Site?

86w.com is a sport investing platform that assures daily profits, not a gambling platform.


  • Create a user account.
  • Fund your account with a minimum of N3500 and preferably more.
  • Make a daily profit of 3% on your money.
  • You can either grow your deposit (with compound interest) or cash it out. on every deposit, you get close to 50% bonus.
  • The more money in your dashboard, the more money you make on a daily basis.

Nigerians withdrawal method is either by bank transfer or USDT payment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Asking your friends to join your team, is a great thing because referral and down-lines are not left out, earn more with bonuses and Not a Nigerian? you can deposit and withdraw using USDT with ease!

86FB is known as one of the fastest paying platform on the internet!! You have three withdrawal requests each day and you can get your withdrawals in 10mins!!!

86FB Commissions on Referrals

On 86W – 86FB platform, a referral is not compulsory. You will get compensated without referring anyone. (Note: 86FB IS NOT AN MLM OR REFERRAL PLATFORM), Below are the advantages of referrals

(1) Invite 5 individuals to register and fund their 86FB using your referral link, and the system will give you N7,000 as a prize.

(2) Get N33,000 by inviting 20 people.

(3) Get N80,000 by inviting 50 individuals.

(4) Get N200,000 by inviting 200 individuals.


Another great feature of 86FB is their wage payment plan for its members!! That is what differentiate 86FB from other online investment platform.

Monthly 86W – 86FB pays a salary of N20,000 into your bank account if you have a total of 50 Registered and Bankrolled (Active Members) on your team… that is 50 members from your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd down-lines.

  • If you have 200 active down-lines, your monthly salary will be N150,000.
  • If you have 500 active down-lines, your monthly salary will be N350,000.
  • If you have 1000 active down-lines, your monthly salary will be N1,000,000.

On the 15th of every month, the 86FB salary is paid.

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What You Should Know About the 86FB Platform

Accumulated effective transaction: is the total amount you’ve spent on games. It is not revocable.

Unsettled amount: is the money you used to play a game that hasn’t ended.

Total Effective Trade: Is the entire amount you used to book games per day.

Overall income: is your total profit you made per day.

The incentive you get for your first and second deposits is known as activity income.

The agent rebate is the total amount you received from your level 1–3 down-lines’ percent revenues.

The accounting statement shows the entire profit you made from your level 1-3 down-lines.

The Release Record displays which of your down-lines’ profits percent has appeared in your account (green) and which are still pending (red).

You’ll discover your referral link in the promotion code, which you’ll use to invite people to register under you.

My team is made up of your level 1 down-lines (those who joined through your link), level 2 down-lines (those who joined through your level 1), and level 3 down-lines (those who joined through your level 1). (those that registered under your level 2 down-lines)

THE SECOND GAME: 4:30 p.m.
THIRD GAME: 9 p.m.


What is the procedure for making a deposit on 86w?

  1. Log into your bank app and complete the transaction. Copy the above-mentioned bank account and enter the above-mentioned amount.
  2. Copy and paste the transfer narration, then complete the transfer.
  3. Scan the receipt and upload it as a screenshot.
  4. Enter the sender’s name and complete the transaction.

You can deposit using bank transfer and then take a screenshot of the debit alert to ensure the account name is imputed where it should be. Ascertain that the Narration code is inserted so that your transaction and wallet can be identified.

Some banks don’t allow for Narration, therefore if you make a transfer, you can get a rejection or a delay.

Users have recently reported their money being stolen via USDT, so for security reasons, all USDT recharges, deposits, and withdrawals must be done through 86W Customer Care.

How to contact customer service at 86fb or 86w

1. To access the drop-down menu, click the icon.
2. Select Complaint Center/Online Customer Service from the drop-down menu, then select Customer Service from the drop-down menu on the next page to be directed to a customer service agent.

Deposit in USDT:

Tell them you wish to recharge with USDT, submit any requested information, and you’ll be given a unique wallet address to deposit to.

Withdrawal of USDT:

Tell them you want to withdraw USDT and provide any additional information requested. You will then be asked to provide your USDT wallet address (trc20) where you will receive your USDT.



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