Doro 6880 Phone Review – Doro 6880 General Usability

Doro 6880 Phone Review – Doro 6880 General Usability

Doro 6880 Phone Review – Doro 6880 General Usability

Are you in need of a simple phone you can use to make and receive calls, well get the Doro 6880 phone, as this is the solution you need? I mean the phone might just look basic but it’s a good choice if you need a simple way to make, and receives calls, alongside texting.

Doro 6880 Phone Review

It also has an assistance button too, that’s not all, its battery life is superb, and it has a design that’s robust enough to get through the rigors of your everyday use. It is majorly suited to use in the home, but its clamshell design makes it a practical handset to easily slip into your bag or pocket, without any worry of mistakenly pressing of buttons or making of calls.

If your eyesight is failing, or your ability to hear is a bit weak, or maybe you have problems with manual dexterity, then opt for the doro6880, as it’s an answer that addresses all of these things really nicely, thanks to a well-crafted design that is meant to meet the needs of the elderly.

Doro 6880 Phone Review

The Doro 6880 phone is one of out of the three new mobile phones from the Swedish technology brand which is joined by the cheap Doro 5860 and a mid-priced Doro 6820. The company made sure to concentrate on enhancing the life of seniors and the trio of new handsets is aimed strongly at 65 and above age group.

The Doro 6880 model has a flip up clamshell design, and is 4G enabled combined with an HD voice technology it boosts of which is said to deliver clear and extra loud sound. It has a compatibility with hearing aids, and an assistance button.


Its 4G-enabled
Has an assistance button
It’s quite easy to use
The features are Basic
Has low-resolution screen
Doro 6880 Specs
4G: Yes
Hearing aid compatibility: M4/T4, M3/T4
receiving amplification: 35dB
Max ringer volume: 75dB at 1 metre
Internal Storage: MicroSD card max 128GB
Screen size: 3-inch
Resolution: 320x240QVGA
Weight: 124g
Dimensions: 107 x 56 x 20mm
Front camera: 2MP
Flash: Yes
OS: Mocor OS
Battery: 1000mAh Li-ion
Doro 6880 Availability and Pricing
The Doro 6880 comes at a recommended retail value that is reasonable. The Doro 6820, which is the intermediate model and accompanies a comparable list of capabilities and plan to that of the Doro 6880 costs an expected sum that is dimed cheap. In the meantime, the thick and reassuringly essential sweet treat plan of the Doro 5860 doesn’t have the clamshell-style packaging and is accessible at the section level cost that is additionally cheap. You can check their prices here.

Doro 6880 Design

While a considerable lot of us desire after the most recent cell phone not every person has the financial plan or for sure manual expertise expected to get the best from one. For anybody who has sight or hearing issues the response can frequently be to travel toward a fundamental telephone, very much like the new Doro 6880. This 4G-empowered handset, with its flawless retro-style clamshell configuration is ideally suited for assisting with every one of the issues referenced previously.

The design is stout, without being excessively massive and using the actual phone couldn’t be easier. There’s a considerable amount of plastic in proof with this handset, yet the Doro 6880 still feels sufficiently hearty to endure an intermittent drop without a lot of consequences. Not something you can say about numerous costly smart phone models.

Doro 6880 General Usability

Everybody appeared to be in understand that the Doro 6880 is probably the least demanding telephone to use presently available. In truth, the list of capabilities is essential, yet here and there this is the best thing about the handset. There is very little to stress over, or to misunderstand.

A valid example is the shortsighted menu framework. Getting to using the keypad and exploring through the fundamental choices is a fantasy for anybody who regularly scoffs at the prospect of handling a cell phone interface.

Truth be told, it’s especially much the same as using a conventional landline-style handset. Making calls is a doddle, while sending messages or essentially adding contacts couldn’t be more straightforward. Doro surely ticks every one of the right boxes with regards to tending to the requirements of its market target.


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