My Google Drive Sign in – Google Drive | Google Drive Download

My Google Drive Sign in – Google Drive | Google Drive Download

My Google Drive Sign in – Google Drive | Google Drive Download

In this article, we are going to be covering every piece of information consigning my Google derive sign in. Google derive is a cloud storing service and it is also a synchronization service that was founded in the year 2012 and was developed by Google.

My Google Drive Sign in

It was launched on April 24, 2012. Google drive permits users to store files on their servers, synchronise files throughout devices, and share files.

In addition to a website, Google drive offer apps with offline features for windows and macOS computer systems, and Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.

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Google drive consists of Google docs, Sheets and Slides, and a workplace suite (office suite) that permits more than one association of file editing, spreadsheets, shows, drawings, forms, and extra. All files that are created and edited through the office suite are saved in Google drive.

Google drive gives all users fifteen-gigabyte of free storage through the Google One service. Google One also offers a hundred gigabytes, two hundred gigabytes, two terabytes, ten terabytes, twenty terabytes, and thirty terabytes through optional paid plans.

Documents uploaded can be as much as five terabytes in size. Users can alternate privacy settings for different individual files and folders, which includes sharing with other users or making content material public. On the official website, customers can search for an image by using describing its visuals and using their native language to locate particular documents.

Google Drive

The official googles drive website and Android app provide a Backup segment to look up what Android device files are backed up to the server and an overhauled computer app launched in July 2017 allows backing up of specific folders on a user’s computer. Its features can intelligently expect the files that its customers needed.

Google drive is a key factor of G Suite, Google’s monthly subscription offering for organizations and different businesses. As a part of G Suite plans, google drive gives unlimited storage, superior document audit reporting, more advantageous administration controls, and extra collaboration equipment for teams.

Sync and Back-Up

As of July 2017, they introduced a new downloadable app software for Backing up and Sync your files. It was specifically programmed to replace the Google Drive desktop app, which was later discontinued. Its foremost feature is for the consumer to set certain folders to constantly sync onto their Google drive account.

The synced folders and documents depend on the shared quota allocated among Gmail, Google pictures, and Google drive.

Google Drive Website

Google drive has a website that allows users to look up their documents from any computer with internet access, without having to download an app.

You can also get access to the information you are not aware of on their website. The main website is

Google Drive Sign in PC

Signing in to google drive is very easy, but there are different methods which you can use to sign in. you can either log in to google drive on the web or through a mobile app on your smartphone. Follow the procedures below to log in to google drive from your Pc using the official website.

Connect your PC to any internet service provider
Next, use the web browser of your choice to navigate to
If you have not logged in before, you would be asked to fill out a form, enter your google account login credentials, and hit the sign-in button.
That is all you need to do to log in to google drive on the web. Signing in using your smartphone is also the same, but all you need to do is download the app, install it, and launch also it. After launching fill in your google account log in details and have fun.

Google Derive Sign in Website

The following are ways to sign in through your website:

Head to
If you’ve signed in before, you might be offered one of your Google accounts — click the one you want and enter your password to log in.
Otherwise, type in your Gmail address, username, or phone number and click Next.
If you see the Google options and choose to sign in to a different account, click on Use Another Account.
Enter your password and click Next again. If prompted, complete the two-factor verification process. You’ll be signed in.
If you can’t remember your account information, click Forgot email? or Forgot password? You’ll be able to use your recovery method to get back into the account.

Google Derive Sign in Website

On your Android mobile, open a Google drive application, or download and install the Google Drive App from the Google Play store.

Once installed, on the top right corner of the App, click on your profile icon
Click on add another account to add the new derive account.
Enter the Gmail id and password to continue to log in to your drive account.
Google Derive Sign in iPhone
If you don’t have the google derive app on your iPhone, you will have to download and update it to be able to sign in to your account.

Once download and installed, open and click on Sign in
Under the Manage account, choose the account that you want to access Google Drive.
Or tap on “Add another account” to add another Google account on your iPhone.
Now successfully, you have logged in to your Google Drive account on your iPhone.
Google Derive Sign in Website
You can download the Google Derive mobile app on Android or iPhone. On Android visit, your Google play store and type Google derive app on the search bar and instal.

You can also do the same on your iPhone by visiting your Apple App Store to get the app on your iPhone device. The following are steps to Sign in via mobile app:

Once download the app, open the Google Drive app.
On the page, you’ll be asked if you want to sign in with one of the Google accounts already saved on your device — tap one and sign in if you do.
If you don’t, tap Add Account or Add another account.
Next, you will see a page to log in to your account, just enter your email address, username or phone number and click on the Next button.
On the next page, you are required to submit your password.
Enter your password and tap Next again. If prompted, complete the two-factor verification process.
You’ll be signed into the app. If you can’t remember your account information, tap Forgot email? or Forgot password? to recover your account.

How to Sign Up for Google Derive

The process of signing up for Google derives is very simple and easy, below is the process:

Visit Google Derive the main site at

Locate and choose the sign-in button in the top-right corner of the page.
Then click create an account on the page.
The Signup form will appear, and fill in all the information required from you.
Then follow the onscreen process to complete your sign process.


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