Facebook Marketplace Categories – How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace Categories – How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace Categories – How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace Categories are the sections where products are classified under. It is a general classification of products with similar descriptions or images. For instance, phones, laptops, and computers are all under electronics. Other than electronics, other categories include furniture, books, car, etc.

Facebook Marketplace Categories

Just like eBay, Thredup, eBid, Mercari, etc, Facebook has its own section where users can buy or sell items they no longer use. New items, products, and services can also be sold on this platform. Read more on this article to learn about how the platform works.

Since it is a feature under Facebook, you will need an account to access its services. You can register for a Facebook account on the web Facebook.com or using the Facebook mobile application. If you have an iOS device or Android device, you can access this feature.

Unlike other marketplace services, Facebook Marketplace charges no listing fee. So, anyone with a Facebook account can join the Marketplace to buy or sell items without paying any fee. You can decide to run ads with an extra cost to boost your product to a wide range of audiences around your location.

Categories on Facebook Marketplace
Here are the categories listed on the Marketplace:

Local listings
Buy-and-sell groups
Antiques & collectables
Arts & crafts
Car parts
Books, film & music
Garage sale
Health & beauty
Home goods & décor
DIY & tools
Properties for sale
Jewelry & watches
Luggage & bags
Men’s clothing & shoes
Musical instruments
Patio & garden
Pet supplies
Properties for rent
Sporting goods
Toys & games
Women’s clothing & shoes
That’s it.

Facebook Marketplace

This is a feature and service provided by Facebook that allows users to buy and sell goods and services within their local community. Facebook Marketplace is quite different from the Facebook Store. Though they both offer the buying and selling service.

On the Facebook Marketplace, you can browse through products and get the seller’s contact to negotiate prices and other things. Facebook has no payment method on the platform, so you will have to contact the seller to know about the payment.

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

As the name marketplace implies, you can upload products for sale. Selling items on Facebook Marketplace is quite easy, but you will have to go through some basic steps. First, you will need to price tag the item, upload a good photo of the item with an amazing description. You can set your location address and contact after that.

Launch the Facebook app or visit facebook.com

Sign in to your account
Click on the menu icon and select marketplace
Navigate and click on “Sell Something”
Upload the photo of the item you want to sell
Enter details of the item you want to sell
Set the price for the item
Select the location and product category
Provide your contact
And click on Post
This will list your product on the Facebook Marketplace. Users close to your region can get to see the item and go for it.

How to Buy on Facebook Marketplace

After you have launched Facebook, and select the Marketplace section you will see photos and descriptions of items listed for sale by people near your location. There are two different categories or ways you can find items to buy on this platform:

Shop by Category

You can click on the category section in the left column of the marketplace to see the different items contained. Some categories you can get on this section include electronics, households, etc.

Search for Something Specific

Other than the category section on Facebook Marketplace Categories, you can directly search for an item using the name. The search box is located at the top of the homepage.


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