Magic Bullet Air Fryer Reviews – Magic Bullet Air Fryer Performance

Magic Bullet Air Fryer Reviews – Magic Bullet Air Fryer Performance

Magic Bullet Air Fryer Reviews – Magic Bullet Air Fryer Performance

With so many models of air fryers out there, the Magic Bullet Air Fryer is one that offers one of the fast cooking convenience and versatility you have been missing, and it does not take up tons of space on your countertop, plus it’s equally impressive.

Magic Bullet Air Fryer Reviews


It’s so amazing to see Nutribullet join the market for its beloved personal blenders designed to suit your needs, and officially known as magic bullet air fryers.

The magic bullet air fryer was released in 2021, April to be precise. It’s known for its sleekly designed appliances and has a very moderate footprint, which measures about 9×9 inches on the base and weighs just seven pounds.

The Magic Bullet Air Fryer is known to offer convenience and speed of air frying, nevertheless in a compact device that will not take up much counter space. It’s quite affordable, and it is very easy to use. The results it produces are amazing.


It’s Compact
Has Uncomplicated controls
It automatically switches off when the timer runs out
It’s kind of Tricky to set a timer and temperature dials accurately
Has Small capacity
The Basket needs to be cleaned by hand
Magic Bullet Air Fryer availability and price
The Magic Bullet Air Fryer is accessible to purchase directly through Nutribullet in the US and UK, or from BIG W in Australia. It’s cheap in contrast with most other air fryers, yet remember that the lower cost is reflected in its 2.5-quart/2.5-liter limit and restricted usefulness. To get a well-detailed price simply click here.

Magic Bullet Air Fryer Design

Timer doubles as on/off switch
5-quart / 2.5-liter capacity
180-400°F / 80-200°C temperature range
As revealed, the Magic Bullet is a smaller air fryer at 10.75 x 8.5 x 9 inches/27 x 22 x 25cm (h x w x d). Note that the power line is genuinely short, as well, estimating simply 31.5 creeps for the US model and 75cm in the UK. Thusly, you’ll need to consider whether your electrical plugs are situated near where you need to use it.

The controls are really straightforward. There’s a dial on top of the unit to choose the cooking temperature; the temperature markers bounce up in very huge spans, however, so it tends to be precarious to be definite. Helpfully, the air fryer incorporates a manual for the right temperature for cooking six normal food varieties, which is imprinted on the top, permitting you to see initially the best temperature to cook fries, vegetables, and fish and that’s just the beginning.

Magic Bullet Air Fryer Performance

The Magic Bullet Air Fryer is super-easy to use, to such an extent, that you do not need a manual before you start using it. In any case, as a component of an intensive testing process, it was scoured cautiously and saw that it suggests preheating for three minutes prior to cooking.

In any case, it likewise takes note of that to set the clock for anything short of 10 minutes, it’s important to go it to 10 minutes first, and afterward turn it counter-clockwise to your ideal time. This is not exactly simple or easy – turning the dial counter-clockwise to lessen the time is intense, causing you to feel like you could harm the dial. Eventually, it was easier to turn the clock far beyond 10 minutes than just setting a kitchen or phone clock for the three-minute preheat.


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