What Happen to Facebook Dating 2022 – How to Fix Facebook Dating App

What Happen to Facebook Dating 2022 – How to Fix Facebook Dating App

What Happen to Facebook Dating 2022 – How to Fix Facebook Dating App

what happen to Facebook Dating 2022? Is it not working? Facebook launched their new feature known as Facebook Dating which helps you to meet people around your region and in the future, you can have a good Relationship with them.

What Happen to Facebook Dating 2022

The app sometimes got errors such as the Facebook Dating app not working or not loading, when some users have installed it. They ask, what is happening to Facebook Dating app 2022?

Anyway, am here to tell you everything in detail to your understanding.

Where is the Dating icon on FB?

The dating Icon on Facebook can be found by tapping on the icon next to your profile in top right corner.

How to Allow Facebook Dating

The Dating app is available as of 2021 in selective countries on iOS and Android devices. Enabling and accessing this service is relatively easy as you only need a Facebook account.

To allow Facebook Dating service, follow these steps:

Open the Facebook application and tap on the Hamburger menu present at the top-right 2. Scroll
through and tap on ‘Dating’. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue. corner of your social feed.
After following the setup instructions, you will be asked to share your location and select a photo
Facebook will automatically generate your profile using the information on your account
Customize your profile b adding more information, photos, or posts
Tap on Done once you are satisfied.
Why is Facebook Dating not Working
After you have permitted FB Dating to work on your devices, there are some reasons for FB Dating not working correctly.

The following are reasons why it does not work:

Maybe the current application build has some inherent bugs and needs updating
Lack of a steady and strong internet connection
The notifications are being blocked on your device.
It may not work because the dating service is not available in your country yet or area
Your mobile device’s cache data is corrupted and thus the application keeps crashing
It may not work due to lack of a steady and strong internet connection
You are not permitted to access the Dating service due to age restriction

What is Happening to Facebook Dating in Your Location?

If you are unable to find the Dating section on Facebook, it may be because it is not available in your geographical location yet. Since its launch in Colombia in September 2018, it has expanded its services to the following countries as of early 2021: Australia, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Guyana.

Other countries like Ecuador, Europe, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, the United States, Uruguay, and Vietnam. A user residing in any other country will not be able to access Facebook’s Dating service.

How to Fix Facebook Dating App

Check your Connection

You need to check your connection very well and try to make sure it works fast. Rather, you can easily rule out this possibility by double-checking your connection’s speed and strength.

Update The Facebook Dating Application

To update the application, open your Google play store on your mobile device
Click on the menu button or the Hamburger menu icon, usually located to the top-left
Choose the MY apps & games option
In the ‘Updates’ tab, you can either tap the ‘Update All’ button and update all the installed applications at once, or only tap on the ‘Update’ button located next to Facebook.
You can also go to your iOS and follow on-screen.

Turn on the location service

The FB Dating need your location to be turned on to show you a profile of potential matches around you. It is based on your distance preferences. To turn on the location, go to your phone’s setting menu and click on “Apps & Notification” then follow on-screen to on your location.

Restart the Facebook Application

You can restart the Facebook dating application if you are unable to use the app. sometimes the app may have trouble starting or functioning smoothly due to them.

Restart Your Device


You can restart your device. Refreshes all the behind the scene activities that may be interfering with the Facebook application. It helps to make app to work well.

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