How to See People Who Like you On Facebook Dating

How to See People Who Like you On Facebook Dating

How to See People Who Like you On Facebook Dating

What is more exciting than knowing how to see people who like you on the Facebook Dating platform. Before digging down deep into the topic of discussion. Let us talk a little bit about Facebook dating.

What Really is Facebook Dating?

As easy as the name sounds, people will have the thought that Facebook dating means having a relationship on Facebook. That is not far from the truth but it is absolutely wrong. What really is Facebook dating?

The real information here is that Facebook dating is a hub, platform, or extension of Facebook meant for dating. It isn’t Facebooked to the core, but it is part of Facebook.

Facebook Dating, a platform that began as an online space to meet new people, has now extended its sphere into the romance realm. It’s very easy to move from the main Facebook platform to the dating section if have a great understanding of the feature. However, this article will focus on how to see who likes you on Facebook dating amongst some other topics.

Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating is a dating service created by Facebook which allows Facebook users to connect with others who share similar interests and groups with them. It eliminates the need to have a separate profile for dating.

Facebook dating even works with Instagram, by allowing you to post Instagram photos directly to your dating website and to create secret crush lists with both Facebook friends and Instagram followers.

Some Features of Facebook Dating

For some reasons which may be obvious, you may be wary about the platform called Facebook dating. This may be because finding a spouse, even if it’s done online, is a very personal process. It may not hurt you to give it a try, you may get lucky.

At facebook dating, you will also have access to amazing features like being able to report and ban people, making it impossible for them to send you photographs, videos, messages, or other sorts of content. Some other features are given below.

Facebook dating gives you access to link your Instagram posts to your Facebook Dating profile
In order to make you feel more at ease on dates, Facebook dating lets you share date details with a friend through Facebook Messenger, including your current location.
You can also include Facebook and Instagram Stories in your Facebook dating profile.
How to Get Started with Seeing Your Likes on Facebook Dating
To be able to See Your Likes on Facebook dating, You must set up Your Facebook Dating profile, and to do this you need to know how to set up your profile. Although your Facebook Dating profile is different from your normal Facebook profile, the dating profile uses some of your other profile’s information.

To get your Facebook dating profile set up, follow the steps below

Go to the Facebook app on your mobile device as the dating app it is unavailable separately on the web version or desktop.
Click on the menu icon at the upper right side of the screen on your app and tap on “Dating”.
Note that if you do not see the Dating option, you may need to select the “See More” option before you can access Facebook’s dating section or you are not eligible for the feature.
To create a profile, click on ‘get started’ then follow the instructions given. After that, you’ll need to indicate your preferred gender, region, and a decent photo of yourself.
Facebook will automatically create a dating profile for you by importing some of your information from your normal Facebook profile
Tap on the “Preview Profile” option to customize your profile, add images, and add some Instagram posts
Click “Done” once you’re finished with that.
How to See who Likes You on Facebook Dating
Finally, The “liked you” and “conversations” tabs are located at the top of the Facebook Dating home page. To see who liked you, click the “liked you” tab. To see your conversations with your matches, click on the “conversations” tab.

These are the steps to see your likes on Facebook dating. I hope this has been of great help.

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