How to Enable Subtitles on Roku Device

How to Enable Subtitles on Roku Device

How to Enable Subtitles on Roku Device

Sometimes enabling subtitles is helpful to enable you to understand the movie or what you are watching better. Do you own a Roku device and you are the types that likes reading what people say even if you are hearing them especially if you are unable to understand their languages?

How to Enable Subtitles on Roku Device


These best Roku streaming services have proved to be very notable in their ways of their easy user accessibility, most especially when it comes to the subtitles options. Be rest assured that Roku provides the solution of subtitles when watching movies, yes they do.

The Roku streaming sticks and devices are quite great and have become quite popular around when it comes to providing the all in one collection for the best streaming services out there. This is mainly because of their low cost, easy to use and on top of that an incredible device.

Even with customers knowing about the Roku subtitles on their devices, not all knows how to actually enable it. So many ask the questions how do you enable the subtitles on my Roku device, what settings are available to use. Well worry not as this article will serve as a guide to assist you through the process.

Roku Device

The Roku device is one that allows you to enjoy the internet easily on your television, which is popular known as streaming. You can get access to stream different channels like, Hulu, Netflix, with different movies and TV shows across so many free and paid channels.

How Much Does Roku Cost

Well it will interest you to know that Roku does not charge you for monthly payment subscription fee for its streaming services rendered, you are only charged for the one time initial payment. But you are required to pay for specific contents on your Roku device form the likes of Hulu or Netflix, and its optional.


You will require the following;

A Roku remote
You will also need a Roku streaming stick or device
How to Enable the Subtitles on Your Roku Devices
Below you will get the standard steps on enabling the subtitles on your Roku device, so make sure to read down carefully;
Firstly boot up your Roku gadget on your TV. At the point when you’re at the home dashboard, use the remote to scroll down to your Settings menu, and tap on either OK or press Right on your remote’s directional pad.
Next, scroll down to Subtitles, and click again on OK or Right on the directional pad and you’ll be taken to the rather hearty Subtitles menu.
Prior to flipping the different subtitles settings, you will initially have to enable them. To do as such, feature Subtitles mode and tap OK, then, at that point, select the On always selection. This will in turn enable the Roku’s own subtitles mode across all streaming applications.
After you might have enabled it, go ahead and back out of the Settings menu and look at one of your most loved applications to check whether the subtitles have showed up. It’s important, notwithstanding, that some applications might supersede Roku’s subtitles settings with their own.
In cases like this, it’s ideal to really look at caption settings on a for each application basis, which ought to ideally permit you to fit your subtitles as close to Roku’s options as could be expected.


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