Ways to Lower your Energy Bills this Summer

Ways to Lower your Energy Bills this Summer

Ways to Lower your Energy Bills this Summer

For a period of time, the cost of electricity has been on the increase, and it had been predicted that in the next few months, the same expected increase is going to happen. Amidst these roses, it is very important that you save your pocket from some bills by taking advantage of the various ways to lower your electricity bills this summer.

Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills This Summer
One very true fact is that some homes use more energy than necessary. In the midst of the fettering economic situation, it is not very good. Such will put you in financial trouble pretty soon. With a few adjustments given below, you can save yourself and your household from excess energy bills.

9 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills
These methods do not only work in Summer times, it works just about any time of the year.

Use Fans instead of Air Conditioners
It is a fact that fans are cheaper to purchase and operate than air conditioners. Instead of using those power exhausting A.C’s, place an in a strategic place in each room o the house for proper ventilation. Only switch them on when needed. Apart from using fans, you can also make use of air purifiers that can ventilate too, this way, you get a two-in-one service for your purchase.

Adjust your Thermostat
Everyone likes to seat in an air conditioner room, especially when it’s very hot outside. Making an adjustment on your thermostat just one of two degrees upward can make a great impact on your energy usage. According to the United States Department of Energy, you should set your thermostat at 78 degrees when you are at home, 82 degrees when you are sleeping, and 85 degrees when you are away from home.

Use the Eco Settings of your Appliances
This is why it is advisable to buy devices that come with an Eco setting. If you do have these devices, make sure you take advantage of this setting. Eco settings can be found on devices like washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers. It extends the run time of the device and minimizes the water or electricity consumption. This setting should not affect the performance of the cycle either, This means that it is very advisable to use it.

Limit Direct Sunlight in Your Home
Although it feels lovely to sit in the sun, allowing direct beams of sunlight into your home will actually be increasing the temperature of your home, making your AC work harder.

The best thing to do about this in the afternoons is to Close the curtains or blinds in any rooms where sunlight is filtering through. You can adjust the position of plants to parts of the room that still gets sunlight or better still, move the outside.

Switch Off Appliances that are not in Use
You do not use all appliances every single time. So, for the sake of your money, switch off any appliances which you’re not using. These devices include radios, televisions, games consoles and DVD players, but this list is not extensive. These devices will be wasting a lot of energy of they are left on.

Make Use of Smart Plugs
One other efficient way to control the energy usage on some appliances is by taking advantage of the best smart plugs. Smart plugs are created to sit between the plug of an appliance and the wall socket, and can control when power flows through them.

By using a smart plug, you can essentially turn a ‘dumb’ appliance into a smart one, and control and schedule when you want it to be switched on with smart plugs. Some models pf these plugs can even let you monitor the actual energy consumption of your device.

Use Smart Lights
If you have not used a smart light before, then you won’t realize the type of difference that these lights can make to your home and your energy consumption. The days which we rely on wall switches are over, because your lights can all be controlled and even scheduled remotely.

With the smart lights, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to switch off every light at night or even leaving a light on in an empty room. Smart lights are more energy efficient than normal bulbs.

Always Check and Maintain your Hair Conditioner
There are high odds that you will still run your AC over the summer to some extent. For this reason, you need to schedule regular checks to make sure it’s well maintained and running at maximum efficiency at all times. Remove any dust from the air intake vents and move out anything that may be blocking the airflow of the airconditioners. Clean your air filters every few months too.

Don’t Use the dryer Always
Infact, resist using the dryers. Go the natural way. One beautiful thing you can do with the heat is to use it for drying your clothes, rather than burn out more energy with your dryers.

These are very simple ways to save energy and over all save some money off the bills.


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