How to Recover Data from a Hard Drive – Data Loss Scenarios on Hard Drive

How to Recover Data from a Hard Drive – Data Loss Scenarios on Hard Drive

How to Recover Data from a Hard Drive – Data Loss Scenarios on Hard Drive

If you have problems retrieving data from your hard drive, then this article will be of great help. This article will explain the various ways to retrieve data from the internal or external hard drive of your windows 10 computer. We will also explain some common data loss scenarios on a hard drive.

How to Recover Data from a Hard Drive
A hard drive is used to store and retrieve data from your computer. A hard drive is an electro-mechanical storage device that performs the function of storing data in various sectors and blocks on a rotating platter surfaced with magnetic material. After that, the data is retrieved randomly through a read-write magnetic head.

When ever you delete a file from your computer, the windows operating system does not erase the data from your hard drive by writing random 0s and 1s on the storage sector or block. Rather with the purpose of spending up computing, the Operating System updates the hard drive’s file system and then marks the pointer to the storage area containing the file as free. Any new file can then overwrite the free storage area. Therefore, after incidents like data loss, it is advicable to stop using the drive immediately to avoid overwriting on the deallocated storage space. When you have performed data recovery, you may resume the usage of your hard drive.

Data Loss Scenarios on Hard Drive
These are the various ways one can lose his data on his hard drive. Here they are on the list below.

Deleting files by any means and emptying your recycle bin.
Formating your PC or your hard drive
Corruption of your internal or external hard drive.
Crashing of system softwares.
Had drive failure
When you lose data in any of the following ways given above, don’t panic.instead, use any of the methods below to retrieve your data from your hard drive

Methods to Retrieve your data from your Hard Drive
Use Recycle Bin : This method is very simple. If you have deleted your data using the delete key, you Can immediately press ‘control Z’ to undo the action and get your data back. If the item was deleted before, then it should be in the recycle bin.
To recover your data from your recycle bin, open the recycle bin, located the deleted file,right click on it and click on restore. This will automatically return the file back to its original position.

This method will not work of you have used certain methods like the shift + delete key combination, deleted from an extension hard drive or emptied the recycle bin. In such case, a back up data recovery software will be of great help.

Use the App’s Inbuilt Recovery Feature : There are applications like Microsoft Outlook that store deleted emails in the Deleted Items folder of your hard drive. If you’ve deleted an email message accidentally on Outlook, the first line of action should be to immediately press Control + Z keys to undo the deletion. Or, you could go to the Deleted Items folder from the left pane of Microsoft Outlook and then drag and drop the message to the Inbox folder.
If the message has also been deleted from the Deleted Items folder, open the Deleted Items folder, and in the Home tab of this folder, click Recover Deleted Items from Server. After that, select the required email message to be recovered and then click OK to get back the deleted message from the Deleted Items folder.

Use the File History Back Up Drive: This step involves backing up your PC hard drive before data loss by using File History, The File History backup drive can be used to restore your deleted files. If you are using an external hard drive,then File History will not work. In such a case,you can retrieve your data from your external with a clone of the external hard drive, backup of important files to yet another external hard drive, or a data recovery software.
One drive: If your important folders on your PC hard drive has been synced to one drive, the major cloud storage drive from Microsoft,then you can use your OneDrive account to arecover your lost data that had been synced from anywhere, anytime by using the Internet.
Use a Windows Data Recovery Software : This software can help you to retrieve data from your internal or external hard drive that has been deleted, formatting, corruption, or software failure. In order to retrieve data from the hard drive of a dead computer (if your computer is dead), you will have to extract the storage device from yiur computer and then connect it to another working computer as an external drive. If y u can access the data, you can then copy all your files to another external storage medium. If the drive is not accessible, you can use the recommended software to scan and recover your data.
Use a Data Recovery Service: This method is recommended of your hard drive had failed. If your hard drive has undergone some sort of physical damage, then don’t use any data recovery method that is unreliable. Instead, go for the best data recovery service having the following features.
Has ISO service center that has been certified.
Uses clean room of class 100
That guarantees data recovery after analysis
Service that Provides secure & reliable service
A service provides complete data confidentiality
Has a no recovery or a no charge policy
Also, Provides free shipping of hard drive.
Finally, you have a lot of options to pick from of you want to retrieve data from your internal and external hard drive.


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