Apps for Selling Stuff- Selling Apps | eBay | Facebook Marketplace | Carousell

Apps for Selling Stuff- Selling Apps | eBay | Facebook Marketplace | Carousell

Apps for Selling Stuff- Selling Apps | eBay | Facebook Marketplace | Carousell

What is the best app for selling stuff? if you have no idea then you are in the right place. These apps make it easy and less painful to sell your things online. Also, with these apps, you can auction or sell the items you feel are of less use to you. Well, if you’ve clicked on this post to learn more about the selling apps, then yes, you’ve clicked on the right one.

Apps for Selling are the apps programmed for selling and buying items online. They are great for marketing online and that involves selling from the comfort of your home or anywhere you are. The selling process involves you sharing details about the item or product including photos. As I said earlier, there are lots of apps you can actually make use of for selling. I will be discussing briefly some of the apps you can use, but first, let’s look at some of the advantages of using apps.

Advantages of Using Selling Apps
The fact that mobile phones are upgrading each day and making it possible for individuals to carry out almost any activity with it. Also, mobile platforms are the future of electronic shopping and other transactions. There are different apps programmed for smartphones which include Apps for Selling. So if you’re wondering about why you should apps for selling, then here are some reasons or advantages of using them;

The future is on it.
Smartphone apps provide users with a better experience and faster navigation.
There’s a cool social media sharing aspect attached to the apps.
Mobile apps are faster and smarter.
Contents are personalized.
They offer users quick offline and online access.
Push notifications about updates.
Apps for Selling improve productivity and cost reduction.
The above advantages are just a few of the ones you would enjoy, but once you start using the apps you would realize that there’s more.

App For Selling Online
Here are some of the apps you can use for selling things online;

Facebook Marketplace

These are the list of most used apps or platforms that are mostly used by people around the world. I will like us to talk about the apps listed here.

eBay is actually an old app for selling but still, it is a great choice to use. This platform offers a local selling feature and also a mobile application for your device. It allows you to reach the massive customer base it has right from your smartphone for selling stuff locally. This selling platform is loaded with millions of users.

Sellers on eBay are paid in a variety of ways, including Paypal, credit or debit card, Google or Apple Pay, and payment on pickup (if your buyer is going to pick up the item in person).


Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Marketplace might be new but it sure is making a lot of progress. Selling with this platform is fast, and secure. The fact that Facebook is a very popular and big social platform with billions of users so you are likely to reach the customers that would be interested in the product or items you’re selling.

The marketplace app is yet accessible in most locations but it is currently in over 70 countries. Using the app is simple, but a profile on the social platform is required which I believe won’t be a problem. Because with the profile, there’s so much more you can do. Meta Marketplace gives you a great chance of offloading your unwanted stuff and making some extra cash.

Meta Marketplace has little structure. As with many apps, items for sale are tailored to your geographic location. But after uploading photos of the item for sale and finding a potential buyer, it’s up to you to work out delivery and payment.


LetGo is one of the most straightforward apps for selling you could possibly come across. Selling on the app is simple, all you have to do is to take a picture of the product or item and upload it. Add some details about the product or items. Interested buyers would be able to view the listing on the website or app.

There’s a secret economy right in your neighbourhood, and letgo is your ticket in. Need a new gaming controller, an antique model aeroplane, or some tiny ceramic succulent planters? Find them all locally on letgo, and…do whatever it is you plan on doing with all that.


Carousell is a community marketplace/classifieds platform in Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia that lets you buy & sell everything from fashion, beauty products, handphones, computers, furniture, books, luxury goods, cars, bikes, houses & home services (aircon, renovation, carpentry, home repair, cleaning, movers & delivery).

Carousell is one of the mobile platforms that are designed for a person to person selling. On the platform, you can post a photo of the item or product you wish to sell, and chat with the buyers interested. After that, complete your sale of the item with individuals in your locality.


Instagram sure is one of the biggest social platforms owned by Facebook. Aside from being a social media platform that offers both desktop websites and mobile apps accessible to users, it can also be used for selling items online. Instagram selling features allow, users, to purchase the item or product they are interested in right from the app.

Using the platform is free, simple, and also safe. In order to use the selling feature on the platform, you would need to change yo account to a business account. Or create one. If you have a large number of followers on your page, then selling on the platform would be a great way to earn cash.

Instagram (from Facebook) allows you to create and share your photos, stories, and videos with the friends and followers you care about. Connect with friends, share what you’re up to, or see what’s new from others all over the world.


Some Best App For Selling Stuff
Aside from the apps that are listed above, there are some other apps that can be used for selling and also buying items online. Some other apps include the following;

Craigslist CPlus.
Wish Local.
These are the list of other apps that you can also make use of whenever you are looking for something to sell online.

What to Sell in The App
All you have to do is just photograph the goods you want to see, write a short description of them, and post them on an app. You can sell all sorts of things, including:

Designer clothes, latest bags, shoes, and pause.
Nightwear, bedspread, and pillowcase.
Baby clothes and gadgets
Household and electronic
There are other things you can sell in all these apps.

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