Find my Facebook Account by Phone Number – How to find my Facebook Account Number

Find my Facebook Account by Phone Number – How to find my Facebook Account Number

Find my Facebook Account by Phone Number – How to find my Facebook Account Number

If the question in your mind is to find my Facebook account by my name? you are in the right place if you wish to know how to find a Facebook account by using the account number, on the specific account you created it with. Facebook is a well-known social media that allows it users to communicate with their friends, family, and loved ones.

Find my Facebook Account by Phone Number
Talking about finding my Facebook account by phone number, it can be a little bit difficult process to find a Facebook account through the account your phone number. The information that will be provided in this page, is if you are looking for your account. This means you are trying to find your account and you wish to find it with the number.

if you don’t know what a Facebook number is well Facebook number is known as the number you used in creating your Facebook account.

How to find my Facebook Account Number
The only reason to use this method to find your Facebook account is if you don’t have access to your username or email (which means you have forgotten the username or email that you used to create the account). Through the use of your Facebook number, you will be able to gain your Facebook account back. To find you Facebook account through the number follow the steps below:

From News Feed, click Pages in the left-hand-side menu.
Click your Page name to go to your Page.
Click About at the top of your Page. If you can’t see it, click More.
Scroll down to find your Page ID below MORE INFO.
Recover My Facebook Account with Number
You can still try this method is you have not, all you have to do in order to recover your Facebook account with your username follow the steps below.

Visit on your Android browser
Enter either your email or phone number associated with the lost account
Click on Forgotten password
Select your preferred method of account discovery. Either a phone number, email or name. (Phone number option will only be favorable if you have not lost your Sim Card)
A verification code will be sent to you
Enter it and click on the submit button
Enter a new password of your choice
Re-enter it to confirm and reactivate your account
The steps provided above is all you need to use in order to find your account with your Facebook account number. You just have to follow the step available for you above.


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