Facebook Marketplace Access – Facebook Sign up | How to Access Marketplace on Facebook

Facebook Marketplace Access – Facebook Sign up | How to Access Marketplace on Facebook

Facebook Marketplace Access – Facebook Sign up | How to Access Marketplace on Facebook

What do you think Facebook Marketplace Access is mainly used for. Most of us here have not come across anything like this before, with the name marketplace you should have an idea of what it is. Well, the reason for writing articles is to educate, update, or inform people about things that they did not know.

Facebook Marketplace Access


That is the main reason we are also writing this article right now, to inform, update, and also educate audiences who have not heard about the marketplace on Facebook before. To know or get more information about this topic, you have to keep reading.

Facebook Marketplace Access
Facebook marketplace access is one free way avenue of accessing the marketplace feature on your Facebook account. Hence, when you hear about Faceook marketplace access, it clearly talks about how you can get the Facebook marketplace feature as you use Faceook.

Facebook marketplace is a feature of Facebook or rather you can say it is a built app on Facebook where buyer and seller meet for an exchange of value. Furthermore, with the Facebook marketplace, you can buy and sell different items. it could be new or fairly used. Notwithstanding, the platform is built on standards, this is to say that, there are some items that are not permitted to be sold there.

Requirement for the Marketplace on Facebook
Before someone can be allowed to access the marketplace on the platform, there are requirements that he or she must provide. Below you will find the requirements.

One of these requirements is that you need to have a Facebook account, without the account you cannot access the marketplace.
Again you must be above the restricted age which is 13 before you can make use of Facebook and also the marketplace.
Thirdly, the only way you can access the marketplace is when the marketplace is available in your country or region.
That is all, these are the requirements you need as someone who which to enter the marketplace on Facebook.

Access Facebook Marketplace
As is listed above, to access the marketplace, you need a Facebook account first if you don’t have an account with the platform before that’s the only time you need to create one for yourself.

How to Access Marketplace on Facebook
Speaking of how to access is also the same as how to use it because after accessing it you use it. Briefly, let’s see through how we can access the marketplace.

Turn on your device’s internet connection.
Click on the “Facebook app” launcher on your device to access the Facebook platform or you can click on Facebook.
Enter the login requirement demanded which is your “email or phone number” and “password”
Tap on the login button that is below the form.
You will find the marketplace icon at the top right corner, when you do, click on it.
Like we said once you can access the marketplace you can start using it that is why we said accessing the marketplace is also the same as “how to use the Facebook marketplace“. The Marketplace feature is not available in all countries but if you get to find it in yours, do have fun with it.

However, there are ways you can also sell or buy on Facebook if you can’t find the marketplace on your account. You can sell or buy on Facebook through the buy and sell group.

Facebook Buy and Sell Group
The Facebook buy and sell group is like a substitute for the marketplace and besides the buy and sell group is the first feature that was launched before the launching of the marketplace. The amazing part of the buy and sell group is that it is useable by everyone regardless of their country or location.

To access it, you have to access your account, then use the search bar to search for any buy and sell group like “buy and sell group”. The list of buying and selling groups will be shown to you on the result page.

Click on the one you want and click on the join button and wait for the approval after the approval, you are free to buy or sell on the group.

Facebook Marketplace App
Over time, the Facebook marketplace has been mistaken to be an app owned by Faceook. However, it is not true, the Facebook marketplace is not an app but it is a feature of the Facebook mobile app and Facebook website. Hence, you can’t access the marketplace on any other platform outside Facebook.

Facebook marketplace is free on Facebook and it cost nothing to access it. All you have to do is to log on to your Facebook account and click on the marketplace icon at the top right corner.

Facebook Account Sign Up
To sign up for an account on the platform, here are the steps to guide you;

Visit Facebook or you can launch the mobile app if you have the app on your device. However, if you don’t have the mobile app, you will have to download and install it on your device.
Then proceed to the sign-up page and provide the following details like your name, email, or mobile number, create a password and confirm it by typing it inside the second password box.
After that, click the sign-up and enter your date of birth, and gender.
Then click “create” when you are done.
With these steps, I assure you that you can easily create your account if only you follow the guidelines given here one after the other. Now, talking about how to use the marketplace on Facebook.


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