– How do I Create a New MeetMe Account? – How do I Create a New MeetMe Account? – How do I Create a New MeetMe Account?

Bored being single for a long time, well the app lets you find new people near who share your interests and wishes to chat now. It’s friendly, fun, and most of all free. I mean you get to connect for free with pleasant nearby residents who want to chat with fun text, live streaming, and video features. The MeetMe app just makes it easy to find people nearby without stress.
The MeetMe app is intended to do just what its name implies – its label line is, “chat and meet new people.” Previously known as the myYearbook app, MeetMe distinguishes itself because it presents users with new friends rather than connecting them with old ones. As a new user, you can create an account by using an email address or your existing Facebook account.

MeetMe is a dating app: make no mistake – just below the surface, MeetMe aims people toward an online hook-up.

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How Works
MeetMe Costs Login
Forgot Password
MeetMe is an online dating platform that allows its members to meet new people and play games to get to know each other whereas dating and creating relationships. It will interest you to know that MeetMe has a free version made available either online or available by mobile download on Android or iOS.

MeetMe believes that human association is a key to blissful life. Whether the company’s customers are looking for a lasting romance or casual friends, MeetMe wants to get people chatting. MeetMe claims it has more than 4.5 million daily active users, 190,000+ new members per day, and 74+ million chat messages sent per day.

How Works
MeetMe allows members to hunt for their matches locally that live within some miles of their set location. This permits for smoother dates if eventually, members choose to meet up in real life. These local dates help its members get to know people they may be interested in that are already living nearby, instead of focusing on people from far that they may never meet.

Most of these online dating sites allow users to search locally but Meet Me, makes this the key focus of their platform and while on the member profile.

Once you are registered, you can create your own profile, you can also see profile pictures, and decide whether or not to message MeetMe members if you would like to. Users also can get to browse through the newsfeed of people nearby, similar to the feed you normally see on Facebook.

This online dating site is feature-rich, with fun games, and messaging options that allow people to get to know each other even better while having fun too.

MeetMe Costs
MeetMe is a free app to use and communicate with members but they do have an upgrade subscription service known as MeetMe+, and also use a paid credit system. The credits are a virtual currency that you can purchase and also use to buy premium services or items.

Usually, the premium services that are available for MeetMe Credits are intended to help you meet more people quicker by increasing your visibility on the site, getting you out there to meet millions of new people, and boosting up your reputation. For members who are already popular on the MeetMe Live feeds and receive virtual gifts from other members, they can convert those to either actual or credits money. Login
You can log in to your account with the following steps;

First, you need to go to the official website
You will be taken to a new page, at the top of the page you will click on Member Login or you could login with your Facebook
You will again be taken to a fresh page where you will be required to fill in the details needed to access our account
Next is to enter your email address
Then enter your password
Finally, you click below on login
Forgot Password
If you have the habit of always forgetting your password, you need not worry as below is the procedure to recover your account without your password;

Still in that last page of where you clicked on login, below click on forgot password
You will also be taken to a new page
There you will be required to enter your email address
After that click below on submit.
Remember that this must be the same email you used in opening the MeetMe app. Plus you also have the option of also login in through your Facebook account. To also create an account and access the app you will have to download it via your Android or iOS device.

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