Locast – Cities Where Locast is Available

Locast – Cities Where Locast is Available

Locast – Cities Where Locast is Available

Do you want to get information concerning the Locast then you are in the right page. You should know that the Locast Company has been shut down as of September 2, 2021. In a brief statement, the Locast Company said: “As a non-profit, Locast was designed from the very beginning to operate in accordance with the strict letter of the law, but in response to the court’s recent rulings, with which we respectfully disagree, we are hereby suspending operations, effective immediately.”

But still, I am, going to show you how you can access the platform in case they return, also things are attached to stay tuned. But if you want to know other alternatives to the Locast then you are covered, will still show you that too.

Table of Contents
How Does Locast Work
Is Locast Legal?
Is Locast Free?
Cities Where Locast is Available
Is Locast Reliable?
Alternatives to Locast Streaming Platform
What is Locast? The Locast is a nonprofit organization that was created in the year 2018 that redistributes terrestrial over-the-air TV broadcasts online. This service is free, though the group’s website is set up to simply take donations from users.

But at the moment, Locast only operates in the U.S. and only in 31 select cities, though that list has grown considerably large since launch. The Locast is also operated by Sports Fans Coalition NY, and the founder is David Goodfriend, He is a lawyer and also former executive at satellite TV provider Dish Network.

How Does Locast Work
Now watching livestreaming TV using Locast is very easy. You can simply use the organization’s website, which has a built-in web-based viewer, or you can even download and then install one of the free Locast apps available for iOS, tvOS, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, TiVo, or Roku. To start streaming on any of these platforms, all you need to do is create a free Locast account.

When you now sign in to the service, it will then show you a TV guide display with the over-the-air channels available in your specific market. Clicking or tapping on any of the currently airing show will then give you a brief description and the option to start watching. There’s no DVR capability for recording and also no on-demand shows — just live TV.

Is Locast Legal?
The Locast Streaming Company is being sued by ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. The major networks claim that the service violates the copyright laws. Locast then disputes that claim and also has filed a counter-suit. The court has dealt Locast a major setback in August 2021. A federal judge also then ruled against Locast on its copyright defense, which means that the case could go to trial.

Locast said it’s disappointed in the ruling and also is exploring future steps.

It emailed users the following explanation:

“As you probably know, the federal district court in the Southern District of New York issued a ruling in the case brought against Locast by the big media companies. The court concluded that by interrupting programming to ask users for donations, and by suspending those interruptions based on whether a user makes contributions, Locast actually was charging a fee, not merely seeking a voluntary contribution.

The court then concluded that revenues Locast collects in this manner exceed the cost of operating the service because funds are used to add new markets, rendering Locast ineligible to use the copyright exemption for non-profits (17 U.S.C. 111(a)(5)).”

Is Locast Free?
The Locast Company has always operated as a free service, but it do accepts donations from users. Following a court ruling against the Locast Streaming service, the service then suspended all programming interruptions to request donations on September 1, 2021. Previously, the donation requests cut off live programming every 15 minutes.

To stop these interruptions, you can or could give a donation of $5 per month, also plus a $0.50 processing fee so $5.50 total.

Although the programming interruptions have now stopped for all users, Locast streaming service then continues to take donations.

Cities Where Locast is Available
Here are the cities that Locast is available:

Columbus, Ohio.
Los Angeles.
Madison, Wisconsin.
New York.
Puerto Rico.
Rapid City, South Dakota.
San Francisco.
Scranton, Pennsylvania.
Sioux City, Iowa.
Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Tampa Bay.
Tri-Cities (TN, KY, VA border).
Washington, DC.
West Palm Beach.
Now Locast uses geolocation to simply determine your physical location where you are. If you are located outside of a market where the service is available, then you won’t be able to stream on the service.

Is Locast Reliable?
Users have spent a lot of time streaming Locast since it launched in their city in mid-2020 and haven’t even had any major problems or issues. The picture quality is not always the sharpest, but it streams very well without buffering. However, one thing that I have noticed around the start of football season in 2020 was a pop-up that warned about the streaming issues when a lot of people were using the service.

Locast streaming service then made improvements to the service to meet user demand.

Based on my experience, am even confident in the Locast’s streaming reliability. It has even surpassed my expectations for a free or $5 a month streaming service.

This means that you can always sign up for a paid service if there is an outage.

Alternatives to Locast Streaming Platform
There are some other alternatives you may consider since the Locast isn’t available for now, here are they below:

Airy TV.
Fubo TV.
Haystack TV.
Local Now.
Pluto TV.
These are some best alternatives you can access or use in absence of Locast.


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