Miss Faith Odunsi Crowed Mathematics “Queen Of Nigeria” And Best In The World

Miss Faith Odunsi Crowed Mathematics "Queen Of Nigeria" And Best In The World

The National Mathematics centre of Nigeria �� (NMC) has crowned Miss Faith Odunsi of Ambassador College, Otta in Ogun State Nigeria as “MATHEMATICS QUEEN” for her outstanding performance in the National Olympiads Competition.

Miss Faith Odunsi solved 19 Mathematics questions in 60 seconds, and became the best girl in Mathematics competition.

26 students of both senior and junior secondary Schools across the country were also given awards in different categories in Mathematics science.

Miss Faith Odunsi, 15 years old represented Nigeria at the Global Mathematics Competition, beats China, United States of America, United Kingdom and others and became the world best mathematics student .

Congratulations Miss Faith Odunsi.

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