How To Detect A Hidden Camera in Any Room With Your Smartphone
We are in a digital level, where a lot of thing happens without our knowledge, most of leaked sex tapes we see online today are work of “Hidden Camera” being installed without the knowledge of the victims. we should be more careful when we visit a friends room, Hotels rooms and other places that we might feel a “Hidden Camera” is installed. In this article i will teach you how you can detect “Hidden Camera” in a friends room or hotel rooms, even in our offices. Do you have a reason to be suspicious of your partner or employer or do you think that someone is watching you, maybe with a “Hidden Camera”?

You can find out if only you know how or ways to detect the presence of a “Hidden Camera”. Manually, you can detect the presence of a “Hidden Camera” which i will be teaching you in this article, meanwhile Apps are also available to help you find hidden surveillance cameras using just your smartphone. With your iPhone or your Android you can be able to detect a “Hidden Camera” anywhere,

When you stay in a hotel, how does one recognize if there’s no room secret pinhole camera? here is how you will detect a hide camera if you travel to an unknown place or take a business trip and you lodge in a hotel room, Did you know that you might unknowingly be photographed or be secretly recorded.. during this age of sensible recording devices and pinhole sized drones, always keep in mind when staying in any hotel room, that you will use this simple technique to examine your room:

Manual way to find hidden cameras in a room, without using Apps

1.When you have entered into your room, friends room, your office or even a hotel rooms turn off the lights, and close the curtains, open your phone camera, don’t turn the flash light on.

2.Turn around the room together with your mobile phone. when a red dot is found on your screen, that simple means that a hidden web camera is installed. If no red dots is found on your screen, then the room is okay. Please do well to share this message to your friends who travel much on business journeys.

How your smartphones can detect a “Hidden Cameras

while It might look like a movie gadget, note you can use your smartphone to detect a “Hidden Cameras” there are two methods which you can use to achieve this. below is the methods.

1. Detecting electromagnetic fields. This type of app detects magnetic fields. You will need to know exactly where the camera might be positioned, however. Remember that If a strong field is detected, you know it is likely there is a hidden camera secreted within the wall or any object in the room.

2. Detecting light reflecting from a lens. While this method is not quite reliable as it should be, it is still worth having such an app, if only to find small objects dropped on a carpet.

However you will find a “Hidden Camera” Apps for Android and your iPhone in the App Stores on your phone.

Meanwhile here are the List Of Free Apps You Can Use To Find A Hidden Camera With Your Android Phone

There are so many Apps available for detecting a “Hidden Camera” on your Android App store.

Hidden Camera Detector (Free)

Glint Finder (Free)

Hidden IR Camera Detector (Free)

You can make a search on your iOS to find more Hidden Camera Apps that can work on your iOS. Which ever App you selected you will be able to detect a Hidden Cameras and speakers, even hidden computers.

Please do note that some folks have the habit of sleeping bare-ass. My dear friends kindly note and bear in mind. do not be a victim of a nude image or blackmail. I saw this post, feel its educative i made a decision to share it. read and be wise share with others.

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