20 Universities in Canada with the Highest Acceptance Rate

20 Universities in Canada with the Highest Acceptance Rate

There are many international students who want to pursue their studies in Canada due to various reasons. One reason is that the quality of education is high and the Canadian diplomas are extremely valuable.

It isn’t easy to gain admission admitted to Canadian universities due to the competitiveness of its universities. But, it’s less competitive than US universities, as you’ll discover the following article.

Here’s a list of schools with the highest accept rates within Canada as per our estimations. This list can be helpful for those who want to find out the colleges where you stand the highest chance of being accepted.

What is the reason why acceptance rates at Canadian Universities so high?

Within Canadian universities, it’s fairly easy to join when compared with universities in the USA. One of the main reasons is that there are fewer students in Canada as compared to USA as well as Canadian universities are simple to access but tough to leave.

It is important to note that various programs may have different acceptance rates, even at the identical university. The rates for acceptance shown below are estimates of general acceptance rates not specific to the program.

What can I do to study at These Canadian Universities?

To be eligible to study at these institutions There are several requirements to meet. The first is to be able to meet the eligibility requirements for admission and then submit your application before the deadline to apply and finally, you must apply for the student visa.

It’s a complex process which isn’t discussed in detail in this section However, to assist you along the way We’ve created a guide on how to apply to universities in Canada. It is highly recommended to read this guide if not certain about the entire process of applying.

I’m unable to afford the Canadian Universities. What should I do?

If you are unable to go to these universities through your own funds There is still hope. There are a variety of options for funding your studies in Canada and you can discover the options in our guide how you can Study in Canada for free.

Many students from abroad think that the cost of studying in Canada is costly. But, in reality, there are a lot of inexpensive alternatives. Take a look at Affordable University in Canada for international Students for those who want to find the most affordable but top universities!

Do these Universities in Canada with high acceptance rates offer scholarships in the form of scholarships to International Students?

The simple answer is yes. Some of these universities offer huge scholarships, and some even cover the entire cost of costs of tuition and living expenses! Check out this page Canada Scholarships Page to learn more.

A list of Canadian Universities that have the highest Acceptance Rates

1. Toronto School of Management

Estimated Acceptance Rate – 60 percent

Toronto School of Management Toronto School of Management an outstanding business school located within Toronto, Canada. The school has a range of ways of learning, including classes that are online as well as in-person. Additionally, they offer fantastic co-op programs for students, too. Students are able to learn Business Management, Data Analytics, Marketing, and other disciplines.

2. Wilfrid Laurier University

Estimated Acceptance Rate 55 percent

Wilfrid Laurier’s University was established in 1911 and named in honor of Canada’s 7th Prime Minister. Participating in the Laurier community is to increase knowledge and contribute to the community. It is Ontario’s longest-lasting campus. It has a student enrollment of 19,500 students and a variety of over 100 classes, taught in what they refer to as “active learning classrooms”. Laurier Students love the school so they are so happy it is Wilfrid Laurier University consistently tops Maclean’s University Rankings for student satisfaction.

3. Lakehead University

Estimated Acceptance Rate 55 percent

Lakehead University was established in 1965. Today, it has three campuses: Thunder Bay, Orillia, and Ontario. With an acceptance rate of 83%, you’ll most likely be accepted when you apply to this school. Lakehead places its emphasis on the learnerand acknowledges that all of its 8600 students has the potential to become an effective leader in the coming years.

Lakehead U is a proud home to the only business school located in northern Ontario that is accredited internationally. It also houses its own Bora Laskin Faculty of Law which is the first law school in Canada to integrate licensing into its program. The Lakehead law student can be automatically certified to become a lawyer in practice, without having to go through the normal articling procedure.

4. Ryerson University

Estimated Acceptance Rate 55 percent

Ryerson University, founded in 1948 and located in Toronto, is a school that is home to its Ted Rogers School of Management which is the biggest business school in the nation. RyeU offers more than a hundred programs and has grown to more than 45,000 students. Because Ryerson is situated in Toronto’s downtown It is able to easily join into partnerships with public spaces and local businesses.

The collaborations resulted in the creation of four major structures that serve the Toronto community The Mattamy Athletic Center the Yonge Street’s Student Learning Centre, the Ryerson Image Centre as well as the Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex.

5. University of Guelph

Estimated Acceptance Rate 50 percent

The university was founded in 1964. University of Guelph is a public research university located in Ontario recognized for its outstanding programs in the sciences and arts. The university has more than 29,500 students who attend its Guelph, Toronto and Ridgetown campuses.

The main focus of the University of Georgia is to improve the quality of life through research. Their academic community is looking for ways to improve their ideas and information that will lead to sustainable living as well as the conservation and rehabilitation of the ecological system.

A few of its scientific breakthroughs include the scientifically proof of the existence of waters in Mars along with it’s Barcode of Life project, an instrument for identifying species.

6. Universite de Montreal

Estimated Acceptance Rate 50 percent

Universite de Montreal is a French-speaking university founded in 1878, as an affiliated university of Universite Laval. UdeM is located on the Mount Royal’s northern slope and is home to more than 600 outstanding students and 67,400 academic programs. The Canadian school is also well-known due to its high rate of acceptance.

Excellent faculty, top students and a highly strong research environment that consistently puts Universite de Montreal in the 90th place among the top-ranked universities around the world. Famous alumni include the present Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre Trudeau, who once was the 15th premier of Canada himself.

7. Concordia University

Estimated Acceptance Rate 50 Percent

Concordia University, a Canadian university that is home to a large proportion of students. It is among the three universities within the heritage mines of Quebec which has English as the main teaching language. In 1974, the university was founded as a result of a merger between Loyola College as well as Sir George Williams University.

Concordia is determined to put Montreal in the spotlight as an ongoing source of innovative solutions that have a positive impact. The organization is currently putting forth its best efforts to climb to the top of the national charts which currently rank 22 out of every Canadian institutions.

8. Memorial University of Newfoundland

Estimated Acceptance Rate 50 percent

Memorial University of Newfoundland is one of Canada’s top comprehensive universities. The campus is at St. John’s, it’s the only university within that province, Newfoundland and Labrador. It was established in 1925 in honor of those who fought and gave their lives during the First World War.

Memorial University, or MUN as it’s also known It has attracted 18,000 students in its 100 degree programs, which makes MUN among the biggest universities within Atlantic Canada. It’s worth noting that the Memorial University of Newfoundland’s top-ranked program can be found in Marine and Ocean Engineering, their program is ranked 38th in the world.

9. University of Saskatchewan

Estimated Acceptance Rate: 40 Percent

University of Saskatchewan Scholarships

University of Saskatchewan is a well-known institution that has existed since 1907. The university that has a high acceptance rate is located in the center of Saskatoon and is part of the U15 of Canada, an elite group of America’s most prestigious research-intensive universities. University of Saskatchewan currently has 27500 students and is awash with motivated, resourceful graduates who are ready to lead the way for global and local transformation.

They are home to The Oakes Red Bear Student Centre that functions as an intercultural center that encourages to integrate Indigenous culture into the campus. USask is also renowned as a leader in research on water resource management and food security.

10. Carleton University

Estimated Acceptance Rate 40 percent

Carleton University, known as Canada’s Capital University, was established in 1942 in order to assist the soldiers of World War 2. It is located in the capital city of Ottawa close to the majestic Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

More than 31,200 students attend Carleton University with the aim of becoming professional leaders in the future. The teams that compete at Carleton are known as the Ravens. They are best known for their impressive men’s basketball team that has been awarded 14 championships since 2003.

11. University of New Brunswick

Estimated Acceptance Rate 74 percent

The University of New Brunswick was established in 1785 and has the distinction as one of the leading universities in Canada that has high rates of acceptance. Its two major campuses are located at Fredericton as well as Saint John.

It is the University of Brunswick is currently the most innovative university in Canada that has more than 11,400 students to the university’s 75 degrees. UNB is also home to Canada’s most historic university building The Old Arts Building in their Fredericton campus.

12. University of British Columbia

Estimated Acceptance Rate: 35 percent

University of British Columbia Scholarships

The University of British Columbia, founded in 1908 is a world pioneer in research and education and consistently ranks among the top 20 of the public universities worldwide. It has a student body of more than 65,000, and 26.5 percent are international students and makes it the largest globally oriented institution in North America.

Its Vancouver campus, situated just 25 minutes away from downtown provides a refreshing West Coast vibe. With a culture that encourages forward-thinking, imaginative thinkers who are willing to take initiative and think outside the box, you’ll discover your full potential. It’s also important to be aware that UBC boasts an impressive list of alumni that includes Canadian premier Ministers Olympic sportsmen, Rhodes Scholars and eight Nobel Prize winners.

13. University of Waterloo

Estimated Acceptance Rate 35 percent

University of Waterloo Scholarships

In the heart of Canada’s technology hub and innovation, the University of Waterloo has become an international network of interdisciplinarity communities as well as industries and institutions with the aim of having a significant impact on the world. The university’s outstanding research programs and faculty and research endeavors have attracted Canada’s top students since the year 1957.

It’s on its 11th consecutive year of being named being the largest Comprehensive Research University in the country, while also holding the distinction of being the most innovative Canadian university for the last 27 years. The top programs at Waterloo include Computer Science, which is the top program in Canada as well as Engineering which is ranked second.

14. McGill University

Estimated Acceptance Rate: 35 percent

McGill University Scholarships

In the multicultural city located in Montreal, Quebec, is McGill University. The university was given an honorary charter in 1821, and is one of Canada’s most highly regarded research universities. McGill has more than 4000 students, comprised of the top and brightest minds from Canada as well as around the globe.

Belonging to the McGill community means having a sense of character, history and excellence. Ernest Rutherford conducted his breakthrough research on radioactivity while at McGill that later earned him the Nobel Prize. If you’re interested in Star Trek you’ll be ecstatic to learn it’s true that William Shatner is an alumni of McGill. Love the late singer Leonard Cohen? What’s more? He’s an McGill graduate as well. Get on the shoulders giants and build your own history at McGill.

15. Simon Fraser University

Estimated Acceptance Rate 35 percent

Simon Fraser University was established in 1965. The three campuses are located throughout Surrey, Burnaby and Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey municipalities of British Columbia, Canada. SFU’s primary goal is to remain Canada’s best research university that is community-based.

As one of the newest universities around the globe, Times Higher Education has included Simon Fraser University into the 100 top universities in the world under 50. In 2015, they received official recognition by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Today, SFU has grown to the number of 30,000 students that can select between more than a hundred degree programs. SFU has also been named the only Canadian institution that competes in the NCAA. The athletic teams of SFU are called the Clan.

16. McMaster University

Estimated Acceptance Rate 30 percent

McMaster University Scholarships

McMaster University is a research-centered university that is famous in the area of the DeGroote school of medicine. It was founded in 1887. The 300-acre main campus is located situated in Hamilton, Ontario, right the middle of Niagara Falls and the city of Toronto.

McMaster has been consistently ranked among the 100 top most prestigious universities around the globe and is currently able to provide the education of more than 31,000 students. McMaster’s McMaster Nuclear Reactor as well as the largest fitness center in the nation are among the other amenities that McMaster has to be noted for.

17. Dalhousie University

Estimated Acceptance Rate 30 percent

Dalhousie University Scholarships

On our list of schools with the highest acceptance rate includes Dalhousie University, It was established over 200 years ago in the year 1818. The campuses are located at Halifax as well as Truro, Nova Scotia.

Presently, Dal (as it is often referred to) offers more than 180 degree courses as well as more than 19,000 undergraduate students across the globe. They are committed to sustainability, and integrate it into every activity they take part in. Dalhousie’s aim is to make an impact in the Canadian East Coast, achieving this through the combination of cutting-edge research and engaging academic programs.

18. University of Alberta

Estimated Acceptance Rate 30 percent

University of Alberta Scholarships

In 1908, in 1908, the University of Alberta is a public research university located in Edmonton which has grown an enrollment of 40,000. There are more than 500 graduate and 380 undergraduate programs available to select from. It is currently ranked among the top five schools in Canada and is among the top 100 in the world.

U of A plays a significant role in Alberta’s economy and earns $12.3 billion annually. The university is located in a significant city in the northern part of the globe, you can claim that U of A is top-of-the-line in every aspect, from research, education, and involvement in the local community.

19. University of Victoria

Estimated Acceptance Rate 30 percent

Originating from Canada’s West Coast is the University of Victoria It is a highly ranked large research university situated in British Columbia. Established in 1903, Victoria is the University of Victoria now stands on the land of the Lekwungen-speaking peoples.

UVic is among the top percent of universities in the world in terms of impact on science and is among the top in the world. The school currently houses 21800 students. The most prestigious qualifications are English literature and language as well as marine and earth science, geology, philosophical law.

Students benefit from UVic Edge. UVic Edge, a collective effort that only the University of Victoria can offer with dynamic learning, innovative research, and an energizing academic setting. The result is innovative graduates, world-changing students who are pushing for an environmentally sustainable and healthier society.

20. Universite Laval

Estimated Acceptance Rate 30 percent

It is located in the magnificent city within Quebec, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Quebec is Universite Laval, a Canadian university that has a very high acceptance rate. Queen Victoria granted an official chartered charter to the university in 1852 to mark the institution’s establishment, the document was later designated as an National Historic Event in 1972.

LU has a long and rich history and is the first French-speaking institution within North America, and it continues to preserve its French presence and the French culture across the continent.

dUniversite Laval has the Centre Apprentiss which is the first educational center that is of this type in Canada, which is specialized in inter-disciplinary healthcare. The 440-acre campus is filled with green spaces and trees and it’s only appropriate to also be home to the biggest research and teaching forest in the world, Foret Montmorency.

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